EC interviews Rupert Maitland-Titterton at Kellogg's

1.       A focus at the 2017 Summit is how companies can portray its full impacts on society and the environment. How is Kellogg’s doing this?

2.       At this year’s event you will be stating the report is just the start. The fun and more impactful work is after – what do you mean by that?

3.       You’ve recently described Kellogg’s move to a ‘social first’ strategy. What is that and what has been the biggest challenge in putting in place?

4.       How are you enabling your global teams to be agile, fast and organic when engaging on social media with information from your report?

5.       What do you see as being the biggest opportunity for Kellogg’s in the next 12-18 months?

The Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit 2017

October 2017, London

2017 is bringing the best, the most innovative and most inspiring companies in sustainability reporting to London, with a focus on portraying total impact throughout their report:

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