To get your supply chain strategy rights isn't an easy task, especially when it comes to putting it in numbers. Many say if you can't measure it you can't do it.

You will learn how through monitoring, verification and reporting of project results, the value of project budgets is assured and supply chain resilience is created. This session is aimed to help you to:

  • Get materiality right: Analyse supply chain issues relevant to your business in a comprehensive way

  • Learn from case studies of results-based climate finance projects that create long term sustainable impacts and resilience in the supply chain and how they can be measured

  • Discover food and beverage company approach to collaboration with a network of partners in Kenya to use carbon finance to enhance livelihoods in addition to meeting its carbon emission reduction goals

  • Develop material and holistic KPIs to assess your supply chain performance and impacts - both for suppliers and your own operations

Simon Brown, Managing Director Europe, CarbonNeutral from Natural Capital Partners

Makhegu Amelia Mabunda, Sustainability Analyst, Woolworths Holdings Limited

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Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2015

November 2015, London

Europe’s leading meeting place for corporate leaders delivering value chain sustainability and business resilience. Back now for its 10th year, it’s the go to event for professionals working in supply chain, procurement, sourcing, sustainability or CSR. Learn how to deliver resilient value chain through industry collaboration and business innovation

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