Maersk and Timberland share their wisdom on the subject of mitigating risk and building trust in modern supply chains

Following from a successful webinar with senior leaders of responsible procurement and sustainability at Maersk and Timberland, Ethical Corporation hosted a webinar on building supply chain risk with over 700 listeners on 1st March 2016.

The top 5 key learnings that came out of the webinar discussion included:

1. Building trust and resilience with suppliers through transparency is key but be patient as this takes time!
2. Driving change management with your internal procurement teams happens well when you physically spend more time with them in the office
3. Go beyond the ‘supply chain risk myth’ – focus less on whether the risk will materialise and more on value creation
4. Spending time understanding what drives and motivates your procurement team can work wonders…. This will lead to more focused engagement and have your procurement teams be champions of responsible business!
5. Engage suppliers better through explaining the business case and benefits of developing a risk free supply chain

You can listen to the full recordings here

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