Celebrating 15 years of the Ethical Corporation publication

December 2001 marked the first-ever edition of Ethical Corporation magazine. For 15 years Ethical Corporation has assisted thousands of the world’s leading professionals and brands – in sustainability, environment, communications and more – with insight, ideas and case studies on how to make a responsible and sustainable business environment a reality.

Over the years we have looked to cover all the key issues that have affected the sustainability and wider profession. We hope we have helped you when you’ve needed answers to new legislation or potential trends. We also hope that we’ve served as a voice for the industry to make responsible business a norm.

As technology has evolved, we have had to, too. Although the monthly magazine is no longer printed, it can still be downloaded as a pdf on the website. Over the past year, under our new editor Terry Slavin, we have moved more of our subscriber-only content to the website, allowing us to keep you up to date with news, features and analysis as well as video corporate case studies and insights throughout the month.

At a time when so much about our planet and business is changing, we feel there’s even greater need for us to come together and present empirical justification for sustainable business practices.

Our goal for the next 15 years is to focus on providing the in-depth analysis our subscribers value most, with issue-based mini-reports and corporate case studies, timely reportage and opinion pieces plus more video-based corporate case studies and presentations. We will strive to provide factual information that helps you and your organisation make sound and justified decisions for now and the coming years.

Below are a few notes we received congratulating us on our 15th anniversary:

"Ethical corporation over its 15 years has made a major contribution in advancing the cause of more responsible and sustainable business models. It provides a unique, refreshing perspective and insights for the responsible business leaders" – Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

"The magazine that has had its finger on the pulse of CSR for 15 years. A MUST for all CSR professionals" – Richard Ellis, vice president, corporate social responsibility at Walgreens Boots Alliance

"For 15 years, Ethical Corporation magazine has been identifying the trends and providing tangible analysis that CR and sustainability professionals need to be the most effective in their roles every day. The magazine and its content has evolved over that time to stay one step ahead of the issues." – Dave Stangis, vice president corporate responsibility, chief sustainability officer, Campbell Soup Company

I’d like to thank some people for helping us get to where we are now; Toby Webb for having the vision and determination to create the magazine back in 2001, Ian Welsh for steering the editorial coverage for many years, Alex Chilton and team for your excellent work in designing our monthly publication, and Gareth Overton for your sterling work in helping ensure our content is of the highest quality.

I also want to thank the writers who have reported on the issues with such depth and insight over the years: Oliver Balch, Peter Knight, April Streeter, Rajesh Chhabara, Claire Manuel, Eric Marx, Ellen Delisio, Elaine Cohen, Mallen Baker, Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Nadine Hawa, and Stephen Gardner, and more recent contributors such as Martin Wright, Maxine Perella, Mike Scott and Angeli Mehta. And I want to thank our advisory board: Richard Ellis, Christine Diamente, Aris Vrettos, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Ioannis Ioannou, Mike Barry, John Edelman, David Grayson, Janice Lao, Mark Devadason and Natalie Chan. Your support across our magazine and events is invaluable. We are also beholden to our holding company FCBI and its management team for providing continued input and guidance.

And finally, hats off to you for your support over the years. We hope we continue to be of value to you over the next 15 years and more. We aim to be the leader in analysis and intelligence for the responsible business environment and we hope you continue on the journey with us. 

Ethical Corporation  magazine 

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