Ethical Corporation announced today that the upcoming Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2015 and CR Reporting and Communications Summit 2015 are to be co-located

London, 8th September 2015

Ethical Corporation is pleased to announce that the two of its longest standing Summits, the 10th Annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit and the 9th Annual CR Reporting and Communications Summit will take place at the same venue and at the same time - 10-11 November 2015, London. Attendees to both summits will get access to all the speakers and sessions at both the events.

The two conferences are very much geared towards two different audiences – one focuses on reporting and communications, the other is on supply chain and procurement. Having said that, there is an increasing middle ground of sustainability, CSR and business executives that will be looking for answers and ideas from both summits. Ethical Corporation has been the go-to resource for CSR professionals to keep in touch with the sustainability trends and now with big changes & challenges happening in both reporting and the supply chain the combined summits are looking to address the overlap in priorities for CSR leaders.

Liam Dowd, director of strategy and marketing at Ethical Corporation says “For the first time we are combining both events, meaning that one pass gives access to both events. We have done this to give more value and options to our customers that have an interest in supply chains and reporting. The events are still the same, both offering the high-level strategic insight that you would expect, but delegates now have the choice to either stick to the one event or mix between the two.”

“We’re really excited by this change and look forward to seeing how it works over the two days. One thing is for sure – hosting the two events on the same days in the same venue will definitely make it a busier and livelier affair at registration and during the breaks.” explains Liam.

The CR Reporting and Communications Summit will show how companies can drive value and change through their CR reporting and communications, delving into G4, integrated reporting, understanding big data and aligning materiality and metrics with corporate strategy.

The Sustainable Supply Chain Summit will showcase ways to deliver resilient value chain through industry collaboration and business innovation, focusing on eliminate dependency on unsustainable raw materials, measurement, supplier engagement and circular economy. 

Combined the Summits boast an unrivalled corporate speaker line-up, 50+ handpicked experts will share insight including the likes of: Unilever, Orange, Bam Construct UK, AkzoNobel, Marks & Spencer, GSK, Amcor, E.ON, Firmenich, ABN AMRO, Cargill, Telefonica O2 and more. With both events being co-located Ethical Corporation expects 250+ attendees to be present at the events.

To find out more about Sustainable Supply Chain visit here

To find out more about the CR Reporting and Communications Summit visit here

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