Supply Chains

Women and children first: how brands are innovating to help China's female workers

Nadine Hawa, (May 23, 2018)

With women earning 35% less than men and facing long separation from children, Nadine Hawa reports on how initiatives like HERproject and Plan W are helping to address the gender gap

Comment: ‘Time to celebrate companies that pay their fair share of tax’

Paul Monaghan, (May 17, 2018)

With tax avoidance people's biggest concern when it comes to corporate conduct, the Fair Tax Mark’s Paul Monaghan says 40 firms, including SSE, Marshalls and Go-Ahead Group, have signed up to the Fair Tax Mark

Revolutionizing global supply chains through partnerships

Conference Recording, (May 17, 2018)

Comment: Why we need mental health first aiders in every workplace

Jaan Madan, (May 13, 2018)

To mark mental health awareness week, Jaan Madan of Mental Health First Aid England talks about how firms like Deloitte, PwC and WHSmith are giving their employees the green light to talk about workplace stress

'Commonwealth countries must join forces to defeat modern slavery'

Andrew Forrest, (Apr 30, 2018)

Andrew Forrest of Walk Free Foundation and Lord Carlile of Berriew argue that the UK leadership on tackling human rights abuse will be critical over the next two years

Shining a light on the green economy’s human rights challenge in the magazine

Terry Slavin, (Apr 27, 2018)

This month we look at the ESG risks that could put the brakes on uptake of renewable energy and electric vehicles, and the burning issue of land rights

Towers of steel, feet of clay? Human rights concerns rise over wind industry

Mike Scott, (Apr 24, 2018)

NGOs say the industry’s rapid expansion will be threatened if it doesn’t tackle ESG issues in its extended supply chain, reports Mike Scott

Electric car makers in drive to remove human rights stain from cobalt

Angeli Mehta, (Apr 24, 2018)

Angeli Mehta reports on the global efforts, led by China, to improve sustainability of the raw material that underpins our clean energy future

British retailers target modern slavery in concerted bid to tackle SDGs

Claire Manuel, (Apr 10, 2018)

Boots, John Lewis, M&S, and Sainsbury’s among 25 UK firms to collaborate on addressing issues like recruitment fees in their supply chains

‘We need to wake up to the existential threat surveillance capitalism poses to democracy’

Rebecca MacKinnon, (Mar 28, 2018)

Rebecca MacKinnon of Ranking Digital Rights argues that transparency in the wake of the Facebook revelations is not enough. Silicon Valley firms must bake privacy into the design of their information platforms

Nestlé takes natural capital approach to make UK dairy farming more sustainable

Angeli Mehta, (Mar 18, 2018)

Nestlé is paying a premium to UK farmers to try out interventions such as planting hedgerows, reports Angeli Mehta

Natural capital case study: Kering gets to the bottom of its supply chain with EP&L

Angeli Mehta, (Mar 18, 2018)

The luxury fashion house's pioneering accounting has contributed to the Natural Capital Protocol and enabled the group to work out where to focus its sustainability efforts. Angeli Mehta reports

CSR Cheat Sheet: No Monday blues for sustainability professionals

Oliver Balch, (Mar 6, 2018)

Employees in CSR happier than average; tarnished jewellery supply chains; the problem of principles v profits; corporates scramble to restore trust

Management spotlight: Mondelēz’s innovative approach to packaging waste

Liam Dowd, (Mar 5, 2018)

In this Q&A, managing director Liam Dowd talks with Rob Hargrove, EVP research, development, quality and innovation at Mondelēz International on packaging, deforestation and the impact of agri-tech

Fairtrade shrugs off Sainsbury's controversy with 7% growth in sales

Terry Slavin, (Feb 27, 2018)

Co-op and Waitrose help boost revenues as Fairtrade Fortnight begins with focus on living wage for banana farmers

‘The real food waste battle should be on the farm,’ says Feedback charity

Terry Slavin, (Feb 22, 2018)

A new report says all-powerful UK retailers are pushing farmers into over-production of fruit and vegetables to meet demands such as strict cosmetic standards

A sea change in the way we farm fish

Angeli Mehta, (Feb 22, 2018)

With wild fish stocks depleted and concerns over farmed salmon, Angeli Mehta reports on the firms that are taking fish production onto dry land as well as into the ocean

Championing food security: the global battle against food waste

Terry Slavin, (Feb 22, 2018)

Liz Goodwin of WRI talks to Terry Slavin about the challenges of tackling food loss and waste at a global level after 15 years at WRAP

Cutting food waste from field to fork

Diana Rojas, (Feb 22, 2018)

Some 60% of the world’s largest food companies have pledged to halve food waste by 2030 in line with SDG 12.3. Diana Rojas talks to some of the leaders, including Tesco, Campbell Soup and Kellogg