Ethical Corporation has published the eagerly anticipated agenda for the 2nd annual Responsible Business West (November 12-14, San Diego)

This year’s Summit builds on last year’s landmark event, with even more of a ‘Silicon Valley’ flavor as the event looks to tackle the three core issues impacting tech-driven business; data ethics and privacy, social impact and climate action.

It is imperative to advance ethical leadership in today’s age of digital disruption. Failure to do so will result in loss of customer trust, shareholder value and ultimately, profits.

Ethical Corporation is taking an ambitious role this November 12 -14 in San Diego in leading the movement to solve how companies can drive at what it means to be ethical in today’s digital world. This year’s event features senior representatives from the likes of Google, HP, Barrick Gold, ForgeRock, Microsoft, digicert, Human API and City of San Diego addressing the key topics and laying out a roadmap for future impact and leadership.

Liam Dowd, managing director at Ethical Corporation stated “As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, businesses from all industries face issues ranging from ensuring the proper use of data and being a privacy conscious company to social inclusion, freedom of speech and climate action. This year’s event is taking an ambitious approach to bring 300+ heads of business to discuss practical ideas and strategies to help navigate these challenges.”

Key topics of discussion include:

Ambitious collaborations to deliver large-scale social impacts – To create long term social impact, businesses must work together on the difficult common issues. Hear how to drive transformational change for society through ambitious collaboration with Government, NGOs and competitors.

New Models: Privacy over Profits – The ethics and social responsibility of informational technology and IT risk is being called into question. Maximizing profits over privacy is no longer good enough. Hear about innovative privacy-based models that exist to ensure profitability in the long term.

Rethink and rewrite privacy user agreements to be consumer friendly – An open debate that explores what it means to be ethical when it comes to data policy. Learn how to take a braver approach to stating policies and principles clearly at the time of the customer’s decision making.

Climate Keynote: Leveraging technology, innovation and investment to transition to a low-carbon economy – To meet the 2-Degree target requires ambitious investments and innovations in new technologies. Hear about the latest technologies that are accelerating the move to a low-carbon economy.

Fully Circular Models: New thinking, New innovations, New systems – Resources are finite which is driving increasing expectations on businesses to move from linear models to circular models. This requires a whole shift in thinking from R&D, procurement, marketing and operations.

Diversity and Inclusion: Empower D&I for future leadership and success – Now more than ever the issue of diversity and inclusion is paramount. Unfortunately, 76% tech jobs are still held by men. What lessons can Silicon Valley firms learn from other sectors? Can veterans and military spouses be a solution?

2018’s expert speaker faculty includes:

  • Shawn Anderson, chief security officer, Microsoft

  • Sue Allchurch, chief of participant relations and communications, UN Global Compact

  • Steve White, chief security officer, ForgeRock

  • Annukka Dickens, director, Human Rights and supply chain responsibility, HP

  • Cody Hooven, chief sustainability officer, City of San Diego

  • Gwen Migita, social impact and inclusion VP, chief sustainability officer, Caesars Entertainment

  • Chris Thomas, chief innovation officer, Sierra Club

  • Dennis Yu, chief technology officer, Blitzmetrics

  • Olivia Jeffers, CEO, Compassionate Technologies

  • Wes Parris, president and CEO, i-Health

  • Talia Bonfante, senior sustainability manager, Natura

  • Patsy Doerr, global head, corporate responsibility, sustainability and inclusion, Thomson Reuters

  • Marc Loewenthal, chief compliance and risk officer, Varo Money

  • Jon Drimmer, chief compliance officer, deputy general counsel, Barrick Gold

To find out more about The 2nd Annual Responsible Business Summit West speaker line up and agenda, visit here


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