The importance of navigating the changing landscape of business

Corporate responsibility and sustainability is evolving. CSR has taken on new impetus over the past few years and particularly on the back of the recent UN SDG and COP21 events. Maybe now more than ever there’s new innovations, customer needs, platforms and partnerships pushing forward responsible business.

Technology is one driving force aided businesses in their quest. Beit managing multiple tiers of your supply chain to engaging employees across the globe technology is enabling businesses to manage risk and optimise their sustainable outputs.

And increasingly customers are expecting companies to become businesses of purpose, delivering a positive impact on society and the environment. As a result, it's never been more important to be informed of what leading brands are doing.

That's where the 15th Annual Responsible Business Summit comes in.

Over two days CEOs and senior executives from the world’s leading brands will meet in London to discuss how to become a business fit for the future.

Both days will kick off with keynote talks from guest presenters. CEOs from the likes of; Telefonica O2, Virgin Atlantic, Firmenich, Heathrow, Fairtrade Foundation, Fairphone, Odeon, Rainforest Alliance will outline how they see the future of responsible and sustainable business.

The event will then breakout into three tracks; SDGs and climate change, influencing positive customer behaviour and business risk. Across 20+ interactive sessions and workshops 50+ speakers will share their strategies and also look for answers and ideas from attendees to help push the movement forward.

The Summit will bring together some of the best, most forward-looking minds in the industry — all of which will be right alongside you to share experiences, tips and valuable networking opportunities.

For more information on the 15th Annual Responsible Business Summit and why you and your business needs to be there then click here

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Responsible Business Summit 2016

June 2016, London

EthicalCorp’s flagship event features 12 CEOs, 50+ speakers and over 400 attendees all debating how business can create a positive impact through smarter, more sustainable business strategy

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