Top 10 FMCG companies, blood gold, Nike & Ericsson’s sustainability reports, an interview with the new chief exec of Rainforest Alliance…

In the magazine, subscribers receive a combination of long-form, strategic pieces that inform strategies and benchmarking exercises, but also shorter, more agile pieces to help them keep up-to-date with the latest from the world of responsible business. Essentially: it’s a one-stop-shop for sustainability professionals.

Next month is no different, and promises to provide EC readers with a fascinating range of insight;

  • A two-part FMCG briefing: an in-depth look at how companies need to take a closer look at the “carbon bombs” in their supply chains, and at how Nestle and Unilever are leading a “Top 10 FMCG Companies” list

  • Sports sponsorship feature: Fifa are finally looking at human rights, and other sports need to follow suit. Sponsors have a huge role to play in forcing hands.

  • Blood gold feature: “After blood diamonds, stand by for blood gold.” New reports are suggesting that a significant chunk of the gold trade is controlled by criminal gangs.

  • Analysis of more sustainable energy systems: a new partnership led by Forum for the Future and Open Energi aims to provide a more flexible, accessible structures

  • An interview with Nigel Sizer, the new chief executive of the Rainforest Alliance: EC editor recently had the chance to sit down with the new chief executive to discuss the role technology could play in protecting both people and the planet

  • Objective, expertly-crafted reviews of both Nike and Ericsson’s recent sustainability reports, providing an excellent benchmark for your own comms strategies

  • Coal still burning: how despite the continuing threat of air pollution to global health, the world’s most powerful governments continue to subsidise coal-related projects

  • Tax facts: millionaire tax flight is occurring, but only at the “margins of statistical and socioeconomic significance” – so should governments boost taxes for the wealthy?

This is just a fraction of what will be published in the coming weeks.

Be sure to subscribe (if you haven’t already) to ensure access to all of the above plus the newly-published State of Responsible Business 2016 report and all new conference session recordings in the EC Player, and a lot more. Subscribe before 24th June and you can save 20% on the cost too.

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