Ethical Corporation have made the September issue of the monthly digital magazine available as a free download – accessible to all

London, 22/09/17

Containing analysis on some of the key issues in responsible business, the September issue of Ethical Corporation magazine is now available as a complimentary download

The 40-page magazine contains two in-depth briefings;

Trudeau versus Trump: Canada’s climate change pledge

With Trump’s ascendency in the US, Canada’s leadership on climate and sustainability under Justin Trudeau, who has styled himself as the “anti-Trump”, has come into greater focus. The Canadian management briefing takes a closer look at:

  • The BC carbon tax, which has been hailed as a model for the world, and the extent to which other Canadian provinces are following its lead

  • The Canadian mining companies that are innovating to make their industry more sustainable, reducing use of water, energy and waste

  • The Canadian human rights shake-up, particularly with indigenous communities and the extractive industries

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Is Ethical labelling diluting Fairtrade initiatives?

Sainsbury’s has been Britain’s biggest Fairtrade retailer. In the wake of Sainsbury’s decision to move away from Fairtrade to its own ethical labelling system with tea, Mondelez’s similar move with Cadbury’s, and Rainforest Alliance’s recent merger with UTZ, we ask whether ethical trading labelling is being diluted or strengthened. Are workers and the environment getting a better deal? Are consumers?

Click here to download a complimentary edition of the September magazine

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