In their second responsible business report, IHG provide an overview of their culture of responsible business including work around embedding strong business ethics, managing risk, ensuring an effective and efficient supply chain and raising awareness of human rights

IHG also share updates on their award-winning corporate responsibility programmes, IHG® Academy and IHG Green Engage™ system, and their progress against 5 year corporate responsibility targets. Finally, they share stories of their disaster relief work and how they equip and empower their hotels to prepare for disaster.

2015 highlights:

  • More than 120,000 colleagues completed Responsible Business training modules, including modules on anti-bribery, crisis management, health and safety, PCI compliance and data privacy

  • Launched Human Rights e-learning to all hotels and colleagues

  • IHG branded hotels implemented more than 34,000 green solutions through the IHG Green Engage system, contributing to a 3.9% reduction in our carbon footprint and 4.8% reduction in water use per occupied room (against a 2012 baseline)

  • Over 9,200 participants benefitted from the IHG Academy, meaning we hit our 5 year target of 20,000 participants two years early. We have now doubled our target to 40,000 IHG Academy participants by 2017

  • We maintained our commitment to supporting communities in need, and responded to 27 disasters in 17 countries, including our biggest ever activation in Nepal

  • We held our biggest ever global community fundraising week, with 98,000 colleagues from around the world taking part

  • We exceeded our 5 year community contributions target, and contributed $12.27m to local communities since 2013

  • Our strong track record of community contributions, as well as our responsible business achievements led to the launch of the IHG Foundation in February, 2016

  •  The report was published on on 3 March 2016

Lisa Basford, Director Corporate Responsibility
00 44 7808 098811

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