New whitepaper presents "Futureye Curve" tool to help map social maturation of key issues

Futureye is a professional services firm working with companies to secure a social licence to operate and achieve sustainable development.

The Futureye Curve, a unique mapping tool designed to track society’s expectations around a given topic, reveals that businesses taking responsibility for sustainable development is on the brink of becoming a social norm.

Within the next five years, societal expectations around sustainable development– which have been building gradually for decades - are likely to accelerate swiftly.

Businesses that have failed to adapt, risk being sanctioned by regulatory, legal or activist action. They may incur public outrage and, ultimately, lose their social licence to operate.

Katherine Teh-White, Managing Director of Futureye, explains: "As we head toward a global population of 9.7 billion people by 20501, there is growing agreement, indeed expectation, that we must leave the planet in the same or better condition than we found it; and that we will need to transform ourselves and our institutions in order to do so. Unfortunately, until now we have lacked universal agreement on how to take action and who is ultimately responsible."

The opportunity for businesses to act is now. By learning how to hug the curve of societal expectation, businesses can integrate innovative – and commercially beneficial –
sustainable development solutions.

Their paper ‘The Age of the Curve Hugger’ builds this business case for sustainable development innovation.

To request your free copy,or to find out more, email

Futureye Sustainability Foresight & Innovation video.

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