Moscow-based agency which opened a London office in 2015 will participate in Europe's leading CR reporting event

EmCo is a pioneer in providing CSR and sustainability consulting services on the Russian market. Since 2005, EmCo has been a member and Organizational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international leader in reporting standardization. The key challenges for EmCo now are integrated reporting and new set of GRI Standards.

For over 10 years EmCo has implemented more than 150 projects working with large Russian companies, both state and private, and a number of international corporations. Now EmCo is entering European market working closely with international companies in the area of sustainability reporting.

EmCo’s mission in the field of CSR is to promote sustainable development, implement global best practices and share expertise. For the past few years EmCo has conducted researches in non-financial reporting of Russian companies.
EmCo’s research initiatives include:

1. A study to identify the perception of the most knowledgeable part of the investment community—investment analysts—of a number of state-owned companies, intended by the authorities for total or partial privatization, which has been a focus of public discussion. The study resulted in their integrated assessment of the social burden on Russian state-run companies on the part of the state, as well as the balance between this capacity and interests of the company’s capitalization increase.

2. An investigation of the current practices of the largest state-owned companies with regard to social and environmental issues and the procedure for non-financial reporting organization. Compiling a rating list and consolidated analytical report on results of the study among Russian state-owned companies.

3. Research in the CSR area reporting at major Russian companies. The study was focused on the reports of Top 40 Russian companies in terms of market value (capitalization) for 2014. The study included only publicly available non-financial and integrated reports (as of November 11, 2015). The overall results of the study are published in the media.

Executive summaries of EmCo’s researches are available at

More information about EmCo’s experience and expertise in the field of CSR can be found here 

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