Ethical Corporation is delighted to announce Datamaran as an event partner for the Sustainability Reporting & Communications Summit 2017

Ethical Corporation is delighted to announce Datamaran as an event partner for the Sustainability Reporting & Communications Summit 2017.  With an increased pressure from stakeholders for companies to portray their impact, building brand reputation and trust is now more important than ever.  

Datamaran helps their global client base track non-financial risks and opportunities through the use of AI. Datamaran presents the first comprehensive solution for non-financial risk management and its technology platform approach is being used by businesses and investors alike. The Datamaran team consists of passionate change-makers from the sustainability and risk management industry - combining their domain expertise with the latest developments in AI and big data.

At the Summit’s keynote on total impact, sustainability heads from Puma, Siemens and Land Securities will be joined by Marjella Alma, CEO and Co-founder of Datamaran. Alma will discuss the opportunity for modern businesses to leverage advanced data analytics to drive impact reporting and resiliency.

Ahead of the keynote, Markus Strangmüller, VP of Sustainability at Siemens and Caroline Hill, Head of Sustainability at Land Securities, shared their thoughts on the current state of the reporting industry. Strangmüller said:

“Businesses do need to contribute to the sustainable development of a country and show their impacts in these areas.”

While Hill commented:

“Sustainability reporting is a vital step in understanding what a company’s value is to society, measuring a company’s impact is the next step on that journey.”

The 11th Annual Sustainability Reporting & Communications Summit is the only summit bringing together CSOs, CFOs, and CEOs from the most innovative brands in Europe. They will share their insights so you can go back to the office with practical examples of how to portray your total impact throughout your report.

Exclusive insight from:

  • Stefan Seidel, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Puma

  • Tim Mohin, Chief Executive, GRI

  • Kate Bowyer, CFO, The Crown Estate

  • Leon Kamhi, Head of Responsibility, Hermes

  • Richard Howitt, CEO, International Integrated Reporting Council

  • Tjeerd Krumpelman, Head of Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement, ABN AMRO

  • Markus Strangmüller, Vice President of Sustainability – Business to Society, Siemens

  • Declan Guerin, CFO, Rolls Royce

  • Rupert Maitland-Titterton, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Public Affairs & Sustainability, Kellogg’s

  • Anna Maria Rugarli, Sustainability and Responsibility Senior Director EMEA, VF Corporation

  • Plus 30+ other speakers

To download the latest brochure, please go to:

Datamaran will also be hosting a reception from 3.00-6.00pm on the Monday prior to the event. Attendees are able to register their interest via this link.

Contact: Ed Long


Tell: + 44 (0) 207 375 7188

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