$79 billion direct economic contribution made in 2014

ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel and mining company, today publishes its 2014 sustainability report, ‘Steel: the sustainability challenge’. The report launches the company’s 10 new sustainable development outcomes which outlines what the company needs to achieve in order for its steel to be recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable materials. It also details the company’s sustainability highlights, including how ArcelorMittal made an economic contribution to society of $79 billion in 2014.

Chairman and CEO, Lakshmi Mittal, commented: “While we have made good progress on the sustainability agenda over the eight years since the creation of ArcelorMittal, that agenda continues to evolve. We must respond to evolving social and environmental trends, and must do it while also facing lower iron ore prices and increased competition from imported steel. To address this, we have developed a new approach, based on 10 sustainable development outcomes.

“While this format is new, we are not starting from scratch. Some of these ambitions – like health and safety – are well established. Others are more ambitious and will not be achieved overnight.

“We are confident that our 10 sustainable development outcomes provide the right framework to address our material issues and improve performance across the group.”

The 10 sustainable development outcomes, announced in the report, which sit at the core of ArcelorMittal’s sustainable development framework are:

  • Safe, healthy, quality lives for our people and neighbours

  • Products that accelerate more sustainable lifestyles

  • Products to create sustainable infrastructure

  • Efficient user of resources with high recycling rates

  • Trusted user of air, land and water

  • Responsible energy user, that helps create a low carbon future

  • Supply chains that our customers trust

  • Active and welcomed member of the community

  • Pipeline of talented and qualified employees for tomorrow

  • Our contribution to society is measured, shared and valued

Key highlights of ArcelorMittal’s sustainability progress in 2014 include:

  • Economic contribution of $79 billion to the national and local economies in which the company operates

  • 2014 lost time injury frequency rate at 0.85 per million hours worked, consistent with 2013, which was the lowest rate the company had ever recorded

  • 80 new products under development in R&D which are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption

  • 31 million tonnes of scrap steel recycled, avoiding 40 million tonnes of CO2 emissions

  • CO2 emissions per tonne of steel produced reduced by 2 per cent when compared to 2013

  • $375 million committed to environmental projects, over half of which focus on air and water performance and over $175 million of which is committed to energy-related capital projects

  • $17.1 million spent on community investment programmes across group operations

For the first time, the report is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. It is published in an online format and is also fully downloadable.

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