Travellers clicking for change using Amadeus’ donation engine have raised over EUR 1 million for child survival programmes

By Juan Giron, Global Corporate Communications Manager, Amadeus IT Group.

Travellers increasingly want their trips to have a more positive impact on society and the environment. This is evident in the success of the growing global partnership between Amadeus, UNICEF and travel companies to raise funds to contribute towards a better future for thousands of vulnerable children around the world.

Through the Amadeus Donation Engine -adopted by Iberia, Finnair and Norwegian– travellers have donated more than €1 million to UNICEF’s work to shape a better future for underprivileged children.

But there is still so much more the travel industry can do. As such, we are launching ‘Click for Change’, a campaign-in-a-box to help travel providers reach more travellers to support the wide range of projects around the world run by UNICEF, the world’s leading Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization. Visit the Click for Change website to find out more.

This is an initiative where everyone wins. Click for Change combines Amadeus technology with the scale and reach of online travel and UNICEF’s dedicated programmes for children and expertise. Travel companies such as airlines and online travel agencies can offer their customers the option to make a donation when booking their travel online. This is made possible using the Amadeus Donation Engine, a multi-language, multi-currency online tool that is provided, hosted, and maintained by Amadeus at no cost.

UNICEF has expressed its gratitude for this partnership with Amadeus and the three airlines, yielding great results for children around the world:

• Iberia and its passengers have contributed to UNICEF’s 100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child programme in Chad, where 850,000 babies from 0 to 11 months old have been vaccinated against tuberculosis, measles or polio and 10,000 vaccinators have been trained.

• Finnair and travellers with the airline have donated to UNICEF’s Schools for Asia programme that is supporting education for disadvantaged children in 11 Asian countries.

• Norwegian Air Shuttle and its customers have provided flexible funding to support UNICEF programmes for children globally. Unrestricted funds allow UNICEF to respond quickly to emergencies and to invest in innovative programmes and approaches.

According to UNICEF, many more programmes need funding. Children in emergencies and dire situations that would benefit from the support of the partnership include 6 million children in the Syrian Arabic Republic, who urgently require life-saving assistance. In South Sudan, UNICEF needs funds to support 600,000 children in need of child protection, which include child soldiers. In Malawi, following the worst food security crisis in over a decade, UNICEF would use donations to help 34,000 children under 5 years with severe acute malnutrition and to provide micronutrient supplements to 453,500 children aged 6 to 59 months.


In addition, UNICEF looks forward to continued collaboration with Amadeus, Iberia, Finnair and Norwegian Air Shuttle, and hopes other airlines will join the partnership to help the organization reach these and many other disadvantaged children around the world.

Amadeus has incorporated a unique technology approach to support social responsibility. Tomas López Fernebrand, SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Amadeus IT Group, explains why this programme is so important and how it fits within our strategy.

Find out more details about Amadeus’ vision on CSR:

Investing in today’s children, especially in relation to their health and education, helps to break the cycle of poverty, and creates more stable societies and sustainable growth”, adds López Fernebrand.  

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