Discover how three multinational companies are putting sustainable innovation at the heart of their company strategy

As part of our build-up to this year's 13th Annual Responsible Business Summit we sat down with three speakers from the Summit.

The 52-minute online debate looks at how companies can leverage sustainable innovations among employees to ensure profitable and ethical business in the coming years.

The discussion is lead by; 

  • Christine Diamente, Head of Brand and Corporate Sustainability, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Andrew Cave, Head of Sustainability, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Sarah Ellis, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Society, Sainsbury's

The webinar was attended by 618 members of the Ethical Corporation community and features exclusive polling and Q&A...

The webinar will outline:

  • How leading companies inspire their employees to come up with innovative sustainability ideas
  • How they prioritise ideas and put some of them into action
  • The results sustainable innovation can achieve, and how the process is best managed

Sustainable innovation is going to be a key theme at this year's Responsible Business Summit. The Summit, taking place on 19-20 May 2014, will feature 17+ CEOs and C-Suite and will outline how business can use sustainability as an integral part of business success and growth.

Get a full run-down on key topics, sessions and speakers by downloading the Summit brochure

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