A huge 4-part, 21-page briefing on "Big Data" sits centre of the July issue of EC magazine

This month's issue of EC magazine marks two years since the switch to an entirely digital publication was made, and the updated format has born witness to significant global events - both positive and negative. With objective reviews of the sustainable credentials of the upcoming Rio Olympics, as well as the impact of Brexit, it's a vain that we're certainly looking to continue.

Included this month;

  • A huge 4-part, 21-page briefing on the effect of Big Data on the Ciruclar Economy, Reporting, Deforestation & Agriculture

  • Reviews of the recent sustainability reports of Lego and Marks & Spencer: a chance to benchmark your reporting standards against industry leaders

  • Business gets to grips with the SDGs: 10 months into the project, a timely review of how they targets are being utilised by leading practitioners

  • Battling Brexit: how the shock vote will take casualities, but disaster is still far from certain...

  • Getting to grips with food loss and waste: the launch of a global standard

  • Interview with Malcolm Preston, global sustainability leader, PwC; "We need more than just sunshine stories"

  • As well as much more over the course of more than 60 pages

Subscribers can access their copy of the magazine in the digital library. Others looking to gain access to the above intel, as well as more than 9,000 other articles, video session recordings, whitepapers, surveys, and the recent State of Responsible Business 2016 report, can find out more here.


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