New-format magazine will focus on two in-depth briefings with corporate case studies each month

Ethical Corporation, the leading global publisher on corporate sustainability, has announced its editorial and events calendar for 2017.

In 2017, Ethical Corporation will place a focus on in-depth management briefings and corporate case studies. In-depth briefings include: the role of collaborations to meet the SDGs; the rise of circular economy amongst companies and cities; deforestation across three continents; big data in tackling human rights and business ethics; and country-based focus briefings on India, USA, France and Canada.

Each management briefing will consist of 18-20 pages, between 4,500-5000 words and feature 2-3 detailed corporate case studies pertaining to the issue analysed.

Although not highlighted below, Ethical Corporation will continue to source insight and analysis from its editors based in India, Singapore, Brussels, London, Sydney, Chicago and New York to produce its Weekly Watch, CR Cheatsheet, Report reviews, practitioner interviews and opinion pieces.

Throughout the year, Ethical Corporation will also continue to publish video presentations and case studies from its events featuring global brands sharing their responsible and sustainable business strategies.

Outlined below is the focus of the two monthly in-depth 20-page briefings, as well as information on all upcoming webinars, trend-reports and conferences.


Role of business in addressing inequality

Brexit and the election of Trump has highlighted that some parts of society are being left behind in an increasingly globalised world. What’s the role of business in engaging society in creating real societal impact? The briefing also reviews how some companies are marketing products to the bottom of the pyramid, such as Covestro and GSK. How can the sustainable development goals framework help?

Corporate case studies: Covestro and GSK

Engaging employees on purpose

To make a difference operationally, sustainability has to be owned by more than just the sustainability team. The feature looks at how companies like Land Securities, BT, and Smurfit Kappa are using targets such as zero waste and science based targets to engage employees, and will look at Marks and Spencer and how it engaged its employees in Plan A. Another chapter outlines how some US companies are moving away from philanthropy.

Corporate case studies: Land Securities, BT, Smurfit Kappa and M&S

#RBSEU content briefing: SDG Integration into business operations

#RBSEU content briefing: External engagement and Communications - Building trust, transparency and managing crisis in a digital, multi-channel world

#RBSNY content briefing: How leading US companies are transitioning to RE100



Country focus: India’s global potential

As the world’s fastest growing economy, India matters as a market for companies, a supplier of goods, and particularly its impact globally on climate change. The briefing will look at the state of Indian CSR, whether India will be able to embrace clean energy, particularly solar energy to curb its use of coal. Another chapter will assess India’s goal of shifting to electric vehicles and smart cities programme, and how leading companies including Infosys and Mahindra are tackling issues such as energy efficiency.

Corporate case studies: Infosys and Mahindra

The power of collaboration

Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement will require companies to work together with each other and governments in multi-stakeholder fora. Only through collaboration will industry groups meet targets such as the RE100, EP100, and science-based targets, and to tackle global issues such as human rights abuse in supply chains.

How are companies rising to this challenge? How do companies engage with governments in a new B2G environment?

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

#RBSEU webinar: Topic to be confirmed

Trends report: Top CSR trends in North America 2017

Trends report: Top CSR trends in Europe 2017



Transport and logistics

Transport is one of the fastest growing and intractable sources of CO2 and pollution. What are companies doing with logistics, to decrease transport miles, and with electric vehicles and alternative fuels? The final chapter in this briefing will review progress on tackling airline and shipping emissions with a focus on both the leaders and laggards.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Luxury goods

The luxury goods sector is waking up to sustainability, in large part because of growing human rights and environmental impact of products such as gold, diamonds, fur and leather, and demands from consumers.
This management briefing will review the responsible sourcing stance of Stella McCartney, half owned by luxury powerhouse Kering, and analyse how it’s influencing the entire group, including Gucci. Another case study will look at how L’Oréal took lessons from Body Shop, and efforts to make gold and diamonds more sustainable. Interview with Marie-Claire Daveu, CSO of Kering.

Corporate case studies: Kering, Gucci, L’Oréal, Body Shop and Stella McCartney

Trends report: Top CSR trends in Asia 2017

Event: The 5th Responsible Business Summit New York, March 27-28. Click here for more information.



Circular economy

With four out of 10 of the world’s biggest brands signed up to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, CE is now big business. This management briefing will provide analysis on companies that are putting circular economy innovation at the heart of their operations. Sectors include: packaging, buildings, clothing, cars and FMCGs.

The final chapter will also review and highlight how cities are going circular and the legislation that is driving this shift.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Big data and human rights and business ethics

As data increasingly becomes a commodity, how are companies and governments dealing with the growing risk of consumer backlash and implications for human rights in repressive regime? What are the safeguards to protect data with the rise of artificial intelligence?

There will also be a detailed assessment of legislation in this area.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Supply Chain webinar: Topic to be confirmed



Sustainable Cities

Profiling leading cities in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, and Africa on how they are tackling sustainability issues such as transport and housing. Each region will consist of at least one case study of a company that is working in partnership with the city to aid this transition.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed


How companies are responding to changing technology. The briefing asks why energy is the poor cousin in the board room and why even technologies with quick payback such as LED lighting are not being fully adopted.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed



Country focus: USA and 100 days on

After the crucial first 100 days in office we look at the US under new president Donald Trump, and assess how the landscape for CSR and sustainability has shifted.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Corporate governance

In the UK and US, executive pay is in the spotlight amidst the growing populism and backlash against privileged elites. This in-depth briefing will review how companies are reacting to May’s green paper on governance and similar proposals to curb executive pay in the US in the wake of the Wells Fargo scandal. It will also look at ground-breaking new corporate governance legislation in South Africa.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Event: The 16th Annual Responsible Business Summit Europe, 7-8 June. Click here for more information.

Event: The 3rd Annual Compliance, Culture and Conduct Risk Forum. Click here for more information.

Report: Responsible Business Global Trends report 2017



Human Rights focus

With the growing realisation of the social impacts of globalisation, companies are coming under pressure as never before to deal with systemic issues in their supply chains that are outside of their direct control.
This management briefing reviews the evolving legal framework and whether industry-wide collaborative efforts such as in the electronics industry are sufficient to meet the challenge. One chapter will focus on the growing efforts by Chinese companies to tackle labour abuse in markets such as Myanmar, where the entry of western companies has forced a change of tack. Finally, there will be a focus on how free and prior informed consent is rising up the agenda for companies.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Deforestation across 3 continents

In-depth analysis and corporate case studies on cocoa in Africa, palm oil in Indonesia, and beef production in Brazil.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

CR reporting webinar: Topic to be confirmed



Country focus: France in wake of recent elections

France has been taking a strong leadership role on sustainability in the wake of the Paris Agreement, with legislation on food waste and packaging and innovative green finance initiatives such as social impact bonds. How will this change under the new government?

There will also be detailed profiles of leading French cities and companies

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

The future of plastics

As the global backlash against plastic pollution gathers pace, we look at how companies are innovating to replace plastics in their products and packaging.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Trends report: Top Sustainable Supply Chain trends 2017 

Trends report: Top CR Reporting and Communications trends 2017 

Sponsored webinar: Topic to be confirmed



Country focus: Canada’s sustainable vision

With Trump’s ascendency in the US, Canada’s leadership on climate and sustainability under Justin Trudeau has come into greater focus. Look at BC’s carbon tax, which has been hailed as a model for the world, and whether other Canadian provinces will follow its lead. Also, renewable energy such as wind and tidal, green finance, Toronto’s district heating scheme, and how Canada is dealing with indigenous rights in its extractive industries.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Technology and agriculture

How companies are innovating to increase yields from less land in sectors such as coffee, cocoa and cotton. Looking at work of the new CEO-led Global Agri-business Alliance.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed



Garment supply chain:

Six years on from Rana Plaza, what impact have all the multi-stakeholder initiatives had to improve conditions in the supply chain? The management briefing looks at Burma as an example of a country where Chinese companies have also cleaned up their practices as a result of demands from western firms.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Green finance

According to the International Finance Corporation the Paris Climate Agreement has helped open up $23tn in opportunities for green investments in emerging markets between now and 2030. This briefing will feature a detailed analysis of global green finance initiatives, and developments including the growth of the green bond market.
The final chapter will analyse the rise of impact investment and crowd-funding.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Event: The 12th Annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit. Click here for more information.

Event: The 11th Annual CR Reporting and Communications Summit. Click here for more information.

Event: The 8th Annual Responsible Business Awards. Click here for more information.



Paris Agreement two years on

A year after Paris Climate Agreement came into force, what progress is happening around the world? This briefing will shed light on key milestones and achievements and will also contain a focus on China taking a leadership role.

The whole briefing, over 40-pages of analysis, will be devoted to reviewing and showcasing progress across the globe.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed



Review issue of 2017

Across 40+ pages of Ethical Corporation journalists, Advisory Board Members and selected corporate practitioners will review the key issues and activities from 2017.

Corporate case studies: To be confirmed

Sponsored Webinar: Topic to be confirmed



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