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Desertec Africa's powerful proposal
Climate legislation C'mon Australia
Sovereign wealth Norway's leader
Euro commissioners Big job ahead

Mallen Baker

Labels that work


How 2010 looks from here

Peter Knight

American laggards

Emerging from recession

Battered but unbowed


Taking the plunge

Customer service

Be nice! Be ethical!

Raw materials

Better sourcing

The big interview

Ecover's Mick Bremans

Paul French

Who's got Rangoon's ear?


Public pension's problem

Strategy & management

Kimberly-Clark On board with Greenpeace
Royal Bank of Scotland Rebuilding trust
ArcelorMittal Partnerships of steel
John Lewis Climate matters in store


Report: Ikea
Report: L'Oréal
Book: Green Recovery
New books
Academic news

People on the move

The last word

Jon Entine bags a myth or two

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