Ethical Corporation has struck its latest content partnership with Competent Boards, a new organization set up to help corporate boards become climate-competent.

Content partnerships are part of a wider Ethical Corporation offering. Ethical Corporation partners with third parties to host, collaborate and support content on our website and magazine through sponsorships.

“We are excited to be partnering with Ethical Corporation to facilitate a broader audience with access to critical resources required to accelerate ESG integration in their businesses. Competent Boards and Ethical Corp have a shared vision of accelerating knowledge-sharing among global leaders on diverse sustainability issues,” said Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO and founder of Competent Boards.

She added: “In the 21st century, the collaboration of businesses, NGOs and governmental agencies is essential for sustainable solutions to global environmental and social challenges. The future of sustainable business hinges on new strategies and ideas to boost productivity with a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society.”

“The Competent Boards’ Online Certificate Program for board members and their advisors is a groundbreaking Board Professional Development Program with expert insights from over 40 global board chairs, board members, CEOs and investors. This immersive program equips you with learning and insights on the latest advances, strategies and ideas on sustainable business from pre-eminent world leaders, all from the comfort of your board room,” says Helle Bank Jorgensen.

“Our partnership with Ethical Corporation will provide a shared repository of knowledge from global business leaders on turning sustainability, the SDGs and climate risks into successful business opportunities. Thus, it aims at leveraging the experience and expertise from both Competent Boards and Ethical Corp to lay the foundation for sustainable businesses of the future.”

About Competent Boards

Competent Boards offers board of director consulting and online professional development programs for boards, executives and their advisors on how to identify, articulate and confidently act upon the most material environmental, social and governance aspects of their business.

The Competent Boards Certificate Program provides insight from over 40 of the world's most respected leaders including, board chairs, board members, CEOs, investors, and other experts. Session topics are examined through the lens of good corporate governance and cover material themes including ESG, climate, diversity, human rights, supply Chain, the SDGs, anti-corruption, tax, investment and pay issues, responsible use and handling of data, Disclosure, etc.



For more information on becoming a content partner, contact Krina Amin,

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