A close examination of the Flagship series and how it can benefit you and your company

2016 sees a first for Ethical Corporation: our flagship Responsible Business Summit will be taking place in three separate continents over the period of three months.

The Responsible Business Series will address the key issues business face in 2016, including how to:

  • Drive a responsible business culture

  • Develop business relationships to develop a business of purpose

  • Manage risk throughout the value chain

  • Build and evolve cross-industry partnerships

  • Improve waste and resource efficiency

  • Engage and develop employees across the business

We often get asked by members of our community how they could best approach their boss, CSO, CEO, etc., about coming to The Responsible Business Summit. After all, there’s more cost to a company than just the price of a ticket, there’s the time and energy spent out of the office to consider too.

The ROI of your ticket

Actionable Tactics

With sustainability increasingly merging with and becoming integral to core business functions, it is more vital than ever to ensure that your business strategy is benchmarked against industry-leading standards – and our primary goal is to help you achieve this.

As such, each of the conferences in the RBS series has sessions headed-up by the business leaders performing this merge successfully, achieving great results, and really making strides in responsible business.

After speakers have agreed to speak at our Summits, we work with them to ensure that they're going to bring their very best, unique content to their session. No needless videos or Powerpoint pitches – just actionable ideas and insight.

Moreover, each session is designed specifically with the learning aspect as the key focus. Through case studies, panel Q&As, one-on-one interviews, workshops and roundtable debates you will have ample opportunities to get your questions answered. 

Timely, forward-focused agendas

Business is forever evolving. To ensure our agendas reflect what’s crucial both now and throughout 2016, we spend months performing research, making hundreds of calls to key contacts within the corporate, NGO and academia communities.  

From these conversations we collate the most common and critical issues mentioned and draw agendas up accordingly.

The formation of our agendas doesn’t stop there. We continually ask for feedback on sessions and issues being addressedto ensure the agenda is agile, relevant, and changes as and when the issues change.

The agenda then evolves alongside the summit: we’ll continually ask for feedback on the sessions planned and the issues to be addressed to ensure that the agenda is agile, relevant, and changes as and when the issues do.

This process is a central component to our event production and prevents any misconceptions regarding what the sustainable business community requires.


After discovering new actionable tactics, you're sure to come back to the office inspired by the Responsible Business Summit. I know the best conferences I've been to were those that left me itching to get back to the office so that I could share ideas and learn more.

Video and audio recordings from the key sessions are now included in the Standard and Executive ticket costs, which means you can share all the insights with your coworkers and rewatch them yourself when you need to find that top tip or case study.

While we certainly stress actionable tactics with our speakers, inspiration transmits in every talk. You may find yourself excited about a topic you've delved into or seen yourself doing. You may gain a deeper understanding of what a coworker does a little better. You may discover an alternative perspective on something you're already very much an expert in. At nearly all of our events, speakers sit in on other sessions to learn things too.

Making long-lasting relationships

We dedicate over 10 hours to networking. To create real change and to push forward the responsible business movement requires the actions of all.

Dedicated time to network with peers allows you to establish potential new partnerships, discover ideas from outside of your direct industry and, most importantly, make relationships that will benefit both you and your company for months and years to come.

One-to-One with Speakers and Ethical Corp employees

We highly encourage all speakers and all Ethical Corp employees to mix and get to know attendees.

We ask our speakers to spare at least 5-10 minutes after their session so that attendees can follow up with any questions that didn’t get answered during the session. They also tend to join in on other sessions, asking questions themselves, taking part in group discussion, sharing ideas with other attendees, etc.

The Ethical Corp employees too are there to help where required, and that’s not just in pointing you to the right sessions. We’re also there to help connect attendees and speakers, plus we also have some ideas and insights of our own to share too.

I hope this post provides a better understanding of our Responsible Business Summit series and how it will offer you real value.

The Responsible Business Series are a series of leading global events aimed at pushing forward the corporate responsibility and sustainability agenda. Conferences can really be a great stepping stone; providing you with both the learning and the connections to have a huge positive ROI for you and your company.

Still in the undecided camp? Please do send me an email and I’d more than happy to talk over our events and any questions you may have.

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