Liam Dowd, managing director of Ethical Corporation, discusses what 2017 has in store and how it can benefit you

The year is well underway and I thought I’d take the time to highlight the obvious and potentially not so obvious ways Ethical Corporation can assist you in 2017:

In-depth feature reports:

This year we’ve revamped the focus and output of our magazine so that each monthly issue focuses on two in-depth issue-based briefings. Each management briefing consists of 18-20 pages, between 4,500-5000 words and feature 2-3 detailed corporate case studies pertaining to the issue analysed.

There’s now an opportunity for organisations to either sponsor our planned briefings or create tailor-made briefings. Both present an opportunity for companies to take a leadership role in area that’s critical to their business and communication goals in 2017. We will assist with researching, writing, co-branding and distributing these sponsored feature reports. Please do get in touch if you’d like more information.

Click here to access the upcoming monthly management briefings

Click here to access a past sponsored briefing


Across our global portfolio of events we offer companies a unique opportunity to develop discussions and showcase their leadership in responsible and sustainable business activities. Over the past couple of years, we’ve worked with the likes of O2, Janssen, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Cargill, Hewlett Packard Enterprises and many more to create tailored sessions that allow them to showcase their initiatives and engage their stakeholders on material issues.

“I could think of no better place to make our announcement today than among other businesses who understand that responsible business is good business” Ronan Dunne, Former CEO, Telefonica UK (O2), RBS Europe 2016 Exclusive Platinum Sponsor

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Bespoke workshops:

As part of the development of our event products we now offer the opportunity to organisations to take a lead sponsorship role in our in-depth issue-based Chatham House workshops, hosted at our flagship events. If you would prefer to build your own workshop at our event, then we have the capacity and know-how to do this too. We have a varied portfolio of events planned in 2017 meaning we can ensure your workshop is hosted at an event that has all of your key stakeholders present.

Again, click here for information on our upcoming events


We’ve been running webinars now for over 5 years and have hosted multiple sponsored webinars. Through our 80,000+ database and 50,000+ social channels we ensure each and every webinar is community to a vast global audience of business practitioners.

On average our webinars receive 700-1,200 registrants – of which 1/3 will join us live on the day. We then distribute the recordings to all registrants and then host the webinar on the EC Player which will receive approximately 1,000+ views in the first two weeks of publishing.

A recent sponsored webinar can be accessed here

Research reports:

Utilising our global community and database gives companies a unique opportunity to research material issues with key stakeholder audiences. Our recent 2017 Global Trends report has received just under 2,500 responses. Recent supply chain and CR reporting trend report surveys received 600+ and 900+ responses respectively.

Click here to access the 2016 Global Trends report to see our standard sample size and distribution

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your company in 2017, then please do get in touch at