This month's reading recommendations

The Social License: how to keep your organization legitimate by John Morrison

Hardcover: 202 pages; £22.99

ISBN: 978-1137370723

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Published: September 2014

Companies can have all the legal and regulatory documentation they like, but without a “social licence” no business can survive in the long-term. With examples ranging from the Gulf of Mexico to the Niger Delta, this book provides managers with clear guidance on how to build, protect and maintain their company’s social legitimacy.

Women and ICT in Africa and the Middle East
by Ineke Buskens and Anne Webb

Paperback: 336 pages, £21.99

ISBN: 978-1783600427

Publisher: Zed Books

Publisher: October 2014

Information and communications technology is radically changing the opportunities for female empowerment. This research-based study offers a frank, data-backed overview of what ICT has achieved to date for women’s rights, and what hurdles still remain. A rewarding and well-balanced read.

China's Rise: development-oriented finance and sustainable development
by Lixing Zou

Hardcover: 520 pages, £74.80

ISBN: 978-9814596664

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing

Published: November 2014

This systematic study of the theory and practice of development-oriented finance offers a unique insight into China’s transition to a socialist market economy. Examples range from the country’s removal of financing bottlenecks through to the establishment of market credit systems. An intriguing read for Sinophiles as well as important lessons for the rest of the world.

Sustainability Footprints in SMEs
by Lowellyne James

Hardcover: 256 pages, £46.40

ISBN: 978-1118779439

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Published: November 2014

SMEs provide the bulwark of the global economy, yet uptake of formalised sustainability policies and practices remains slow. This important books aims to break that stalemate by focusing on four critical areas of change: innovation, cost, environment and stakeholder relations. Rich in case studies and management methodologies.


Conscience Economy
by Stephen Overman

Hardcover: 208 pages, £12.34

ISBN: 978-1629560120

Publisher: Bibliomotion

Published: November 2014

Consumers, especially young consumers, are increasingly looking for brands that reflect their ethical values. Author Steven Overman provides context, inspiration and some basic tools to help business leaders reframe their products and marketing to connect with this emerging consumer trend. Full of fresh ideas and practical advice.

New Strategies for Social Innovation: market-based approached for assisting the poor
by Steven G Anderson

Hardcover: 352 pages, £64.77

ISBN: 978-0231159227

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Published: October 2014

Market-based development strategies are very much in vogue, but the evidence surrounding the impact of such approaches is often weak or anecdotal. This welcome book provides a balanced assessment of this new trend in development practice, focusing in particular on social entrepreneurship, CSR, fair trade, and private sustainable development. A thorough and in-depth analysis.

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