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28/5/2012 Building trust in a tough economic environment is a challenge, and for Centrica, it means:

Fairness – treating customers fairly through open, honest communications, good customer service, and helping them to manage their energy costs

Low carbon – tackling climate change by helping to change the way consumers use and we generate energy

Energy security – ensuring security of supply in a responsible and sustainable way

People and safety – building a safe environment where employees can flourish

These key themes form the basis for our 2011 Corporate Responsibility performance reporting.

We have changed the way we report in 2011 in response to feedback from our stakeholders. We’re now updating on our performance primarily through a strategic CR Performance Review PDF – just launched – that sets out the key challenges and opportunities we faced in 2011 and the progress we are making towards becoming the most trusted energy company.

To complement the 2011 CR Performance Review PDF, we will be providing strategic updates on material issues and responsible business practices throughout the year on our website at – enabling us to keep our stakeholders up to date on progress as we move through 2012. We’ve also updated these pages to provide background on our approach to key issues –from climate change to supply chain.

We continue to report on our performance indicators through our data centre, and both financial and non-financial data for 2011 is now live.

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