The October issue of the Ethical Corporation magazine has been published and subscribers can access the eMagazine below

Subscribers have just been emailed their copy of the October eMagazine. To make Subscribers lives as easy as possible the link to the eMagazine is below - meaning our in-depth magazine can be accessed where they want, when they want...

This month's 52-page magazine is packed with lots of great timely, un-biased corporate responsibility analysis.

Some of the feature analysis includes;

  • A 5-page in-depth case study on Cerrejón, one of the world's largest coal mines. Cerrejón has been promoting transparency and fairness in a bid to get to grips with human rights issues - in particular regarding indigenous peoples. It's an interesting story, that others could learn from
  • Our second in our two-part investigation into football, this time examining clubs and the domestic game. How does the business model, and the social and local implications, in UK differ with that of Germany, Sweden and elsewhere
  • A strategy and management piece on why its time to reassess the best direction for the journey towards sustainable business
  • In-depth feature on how Scotland is placing ethics and sustainability at the heart of their financial services industry
  • The monthly corporate responsibility cheat sheet - with the latest stats, numbers and data filtered and distilled
  • A company's human resources function must be at the heart of any attempt to embed sustainability into a company's way of doing business. There's a 4-page feature on how to weave sustainability into the workforce
  • Our monthly roundup of the latest sustainability news, our BrandWatch and NGOWatch
  •  A strategy and management piece on how to spot the weakest links a supply chain
  • Critiques of two sustainability reports, this month's being; Diageo and Hess
  • Plus our regular monthly opinion pieces on current key CR issues

To access this month's eMagazine simply click on the link below...

October 2013 Ethical Corporation eMagazine

The magazine is compatible on all mobile and tablet devices.

Monthly magazine  October issue 

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