June's magazine represents the end of the printed era for Ethical Corp, but the quality analysis and insight remains

The May 2014 issue of the Ethical Corporation magazine has just been published and subscribers can access the eMagazine below.

This month's magazine is full of insightful and useful strategic management analysis, features on the latest CR issues and a whole lot more.

Some of the feature analysis includes;

  • A 15 page briefing on the state of CSR in South Asia, which includes case studies on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
  • Insight into the further improvements occuring at Asia Pulp & Paper - APP are taking a lead with their forest protection and restoration initiative
  • CVS Caremark's move to ban tobacco products from their stores - a decision that will cost them an estimated $2bn a year
  • The news that New Caledonia have set up the world's largest marine reserve in the South-West Pacific
  • Mallen Baker's article, in which he reflects upon the last 12 years of resposible business
  • Adrian Henriques' review of Witold Henisz's new book, and the author's comprehensive response
  • Our regular China Column, which focuses on the crack down on wayward practices in the company this month
  • Peter Knight's opinion piece - "Lunactics Running the Asylum"
  • The usual favourites including our Corporate Responsibility cheat sheet, NGOWatch, BrandWatch and the Sustainable Business roundup.

To access this month's magazine, simply click on the link below.

June 2014 Ethical Corporation magazine

The magazine is compatible on all mobile and tablet devices.


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