Ethical Corporation, London (January, 31, 2014): Justin King, CEO at Sainsbury’s, Alan Clark, CEO at SABMiller together with Stuart Fletcher, CEO at Bupa and 8 other chief executives will meet in London in May to discuss ways to make sustainable innovation add to the bottom line.

Speaking ahead of Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Summit 2014 which takes place May 19-20 in London, top level executives emphasised the need for creating conditions where colleagues could turn risk into opportunity.

Mr. Fletcher of Bupa explained that sees his role and personal commitment to sustainability and purpose through mentoring sustainability across the business, executing integrated reporting and creating big partnerships.  

Echoing the above, Elina Yumasheva, conference director at Ethical Corporation says one of the most desirable goals for majority of corporate players is to make sustainability part of every business decision taken within their organisations. A clear trend is observed - sustainability has moved beyond the CSR departments and has entered top of CEOs priority lists.

Alan Clark, Justin King and Stuart Fletcher will take keynote position and go into detail on managing sustainability into their businesses effectively.

Over 400 senior executives passionate about corporate sustainability will join Mr. King, Mr. Clark and Mr. Fletcher at the summit; which will take place from 19th-20th May, 2014. For more information on the summit, to see who else will be in attendance, or to find out how this year’s agenda will influence your future business practices visit the official website.

For more information contact:

Elina Yumasheva 

+44(0) 20 7375 7573

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The Responsible Business Summit 2014

May 2014, London, UK

Make sustainable innovation add to your bottom line. 15+ CEOs and C-Suite from leading multinationals plus heads of CSR will discuss the future of sustainability

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