Key findings from our recent research with 156 financial executives

As part of the build up to the Conduct Risk in Financial Services Forum, we wanted to gauge some of the top trends for 2015. We reached out to our UK community to get a snapshot of what are the current key issues and likely trends in conduct risk.

Four key findings;

  1. Making good conduct real is the top priority for 2015: Just over half of our respondents stated that making good conduct real is the top priority for 2015. The second highest priority is developing effective MI and the third is understanding what culture change looks like.
  2. Good conduct as a competitive advantage: 90% of our community stated that good conduct can give the business a competitive advantage. Not only will this result in reputational benefits for the business but will also achieve the best outcomes for customers and clients. This echoes a trend that is found throughout our research for the Conduct Risk in Financial Services Forum.
  3. Top three spend in 2015: Our participants said their organisation will spend the most time and money in 2015 on technology, training & development and compliance. This suggests that good conduct will be more embedded in the organisational structure, so that decision making is ingrained with the best customer intentions.
  4. 90% believe good conduct gives a competitive advantage

The aim of the whitepaper is to develop benchmarks that really drive culture change forward to rebuild customer trust and embed good conduct within the business.

Some food for thought for trends in conduct risk going forward. Download the full report here.

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