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The woman at the eye of the storm of Asia’s rising climate risk

Oliver Balch, (Mar 22, 2022)

Oliver Balch meets Esther An of Singapore’s City Developments Limited, who has won accolades from the UN Global Compact for pushing her company to adopt greener building methods for the past two decades

Greta Thunberg: ‘Our hopes drown in your empty promises’ to tackle climate change

Terry Slavin, (Oct 7, 2021)

In the latest issue of Sustainable Business Review, we look at how soaring gas prices are undermining emission-reduction pledges, the potential for Google's greening of its search engine to empower conscious consumption, and how aviation and chemicals companies are feeling the heat from ESG investors

Big food companies ‘failing dismally’ on both climate and human rights

Terry Slavin, (Sep 27, 2021)

Terry Slavin reports on the findings of the World Benchmarking Alliance’s first assessment of how the world’s biggest food producers, restaurants and retailers are performing on the SDGs

Europe grapples with its retrofit challenge

Mike Scott, (Sep 12, 2021)

The European Commission is calling for a 20-fold increase in renovation rates of existing buildings to help fuel a green economic recovery. Mike Scott looks at the critical role of banks and insurers in delivering its plan

Human rights impact of China’s ‘Going Out’ policy highlights challenges of a just transition

Golda Benjamin, (Aug 19, 2021)

COMMENT: The Belt and Road initiative has been hit by allegations of social and environmental abuses, despite Chinese commitments to the contrary. Golda Benjamin of BHRRC calls for more transparency, particularly from the country's financial sector

Can Olam help turn Big Ag from climate villain into sustainability hero?

Oliver Balch, (Jun 29, 2021)

Oliver Balch interviews chief sustainability officer Christopher Stewart to find out how the commodity giant aims to take leadership in re-imagining the global food system

To engage stakeholders, ESG reports must go beyond data and get to the ‘why’

Carol Goodstein, (May 11, 2021)

COMMENT: Carol Goodstein explains how storytelling backed by data can be a vital tool in communicating a company's purpose to different audiences

'New EU directive means companies will have to be transparent about their climate impacts'

Richard Howitt, (May 4, 2021)

ANALYSIS: Richard Howitt, who originally proposed and negotiated the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive, welcomes Europe’s move to align corporate reporting with the TCFDs in the draft Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Executive interview: P&G Fabric Care Being a Force For Good and Growth

Sponsored content, (Mar 4, 2021)

Liam Dowd, managing director at Reuters Events – Sustainable Business, interviews Todd Cline, Director at Procter & Gamble’s North America Fabric Care Research & Development.

Polman: 'Amid rising vaccine nationalism, WTO's new director-general can't come quick enough'

Paul Polman, (Feb 15, 2021)

COMMENT: Many challenges await the global trade body’s new chair Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, but her appointment is a cause for celebration, writes Paul Polman

What companies can do to fix our broken food system

Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme, (Jan 5, 2021)

COMMENT: Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme of the World Benchmarking Alliance says greater transparency about the food sector’s environmental and social impacts is a critical first step towards transformational change

‘Investors don't understand how much climate action is needed from companies'

Wolfgang Kuhn, (Dec 9, 2020)

COMMENT: The finance profession is ill-equipped to push for the transition of critical sectors, says ShareAction’s Wolfgang Kuhn

How consumers are stepping up to the plate on cutting food waste

Ignacio Gavilan, (Nov 24, 2020)

COMMENT: Ignacio Gavilan of The Consumer Goods Forum says Covid-19-related shortages mean shoppers are more accepting of wonky veg schemes introduced by UK retailers like Tesco

Why multilateralism needs to make a comeback at G20

Paul Polman, (Nov 19, 2020)

Comment: Paul Polman argues that global leaders must rise to the unprecedented challenges facing humanity by crafting a coordinated international response to Covid-19 that protects both people and planet

The future of work: The Ethical Corporation assesses the long-term impact of Covid-19

Terry Slavin, (Oct 7, 2020)

The axioms by which companies have done business for the past 50 years have been upended by the pandemic. In this month's issue of the magazine we look at whether developments like the remote working revolution will help or hinder companies as they seek to get onto a more sustainable path

Sanda Ojiambo: ‘There’s a lot of work to do in the Global North as well as the Global South’

Oliver Balch, (Sep 18, 2020)

Oliver Balch speaks to the new executive director of the United Nations Global Compact about stepping into Lise Kingo's shoes, and her agenda for delivering the SDGs by 2030

Watch on demand: Collaboration ‘key to Increasing climate action post Covid-19’

Conference Recording, (Jul 8, 2020)

In our recent Virtual Business Week, sponsored by Huawei, Martin Xu, president of global government affairs, explained how one big lesson from the pandemic is the importance of collaborative action to tackle climate change

'Companies that pay attention to people in their supply chains will lead the recovery from Covid-19'

Pauliina Murphy, (Jun 18, 2020)

Comment: Pauliina Murphy of the World Benchmarking Alliance says hitting the pause button on the global economy has highlighted societal demands for more transparency from companies on their social, economic and environmental sustainability

Calls for green Covid-19 recovery packages from companies and 220 regional governments

Terry Slavin, (May 18, 2020)

Policymakers must use the trillions of dollars they are preparing to inject into their economies to support efforts to tackle climate change, urges a coalition of 155 companies that have set science-based targets. Terry Slavin reports

Building back better: Ethical Corporation examines what Covid-19 will mean for sustainability

Terry Slavin, (May 4, 2020)

This month's magazine considers the profound and far-reaching changes to global business in the wake of the pandemic, from a heightened awareness of biodiversity risk to how it may reshape corporate accounting