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How people and the environment are finally part of the balance sheet

Luka Mucic, (Jun 9, 2021)

Comment: Luka Mucic of SAP explains how the Value Balancing Alliance, whose members include BMW, Bosch, Michelin, SAP and Porsche, and the Big Four accounting firms, has cracked the code of putting a price on nonfinancial impacts

CBI calls for urgent action to tackle white male syndrome

Terry Slavin, (Oct 7, 2020)

With only 37% of FTSE 100 boards having any ethnic minority representation, and women faring little better, leading UK businesses have launched a campaign to scale up diversity and inclusion

Can companies trust tech to safeguard wellbeing of remote workers?

Caroline Palmer, (Oct 5, 2020)

Caroline Palmer reports on how companies’ use of wearables and other technology to support the health of remote workforces is running into privacy concerns

Urgent need to end coal underlined by alarming reports ahead of Climate Week New York

Oliver Balch, (Sep 22, 2019)

In the second part of his CSR Cheat Sheet roundup of sustainability news, Oliver Balch assesses new research on climate change impacts from PwC, the Global Commission on Adaptation, the World Bank and World Business Council on Sustainable Development

Making the rubber hit the road in drive to achieve SDGs by 2030

Mark Hillsdon, (Sep 3, 2019)

Mark Hillsdon reports on how the World Benchmarking Alliance is leading efforts to hold companies to account for their pledges to help address the world’s biggest sustainability challenges

‘If boards didn’t know about climate change, they do now’

Mindy Lubber, (Dec 19, 2018)

Mindy Lubber of Ceres hopes that C-suites will heed the IPCC report and make 2019 the year they give the environment the attention it deserves

Bumps in the UK's road to zero emission vehicles

Giles Crosse, (Aug 22, 2018)

Giles Crosse looks at how slow roll-out of charging points could put the brakes on Britain's plan to decarbonize transport by 2040

Machine learning: how firms from Danone to Sodexo are integrating AI

Stuart Buckman, (Jan 30, 2018)

Some companies are automating without cutting jobs; others are retraining their entire workforces. Stuart Buckman looks at emerging best practice

CSR Cheat Sheet: Plastics war comes to Davos

Oliver Balch, (Jan 25, 2018)

Big brands announce slew of recycling targets at WEF; growing gender pay gap; colleges falling short on sustainability teaching, SDG reporting grows

AI explainer: why machines have an edge

Martin Wright, (Jan 16, 2018)

With AlphaGo, DeepMind demonstrated the power of machine-learning to beat humans. And it is not only in games where we come up short

'With AI polluters will have nowhere to hide'

Martin Wright, (Jan 16, 2018)

From cleaning up city transport systems to bringing transparency to supply chains, AI and deep learning have the potential to transform sustainability

Rise of the sewbots: Asian factory workers feel chill winds of automation

Martin Wright, (Jan 16, 2018)

With Foxconn replacing 60,000 workers in China and Nike looking to relocate production to automated factories in Mexico, half the total jobs in parts of Asia could be at risk, warns the ILO

'Our problem with automation is a labour shortage, not surplus'

Martin Wright, (Jan 16, 2018)

The fourth industrial revolution will create lots of new jobs, but the retraining challenge for governments and companies will be immense

Can we turn AI into a force for good?

Martin Wright, (Jan 16, 2018)

Artificial intelligence is poised to fundamentally change how we live and work. Whether it will be salvation or curse will depend on the extent to which we get to grips with it now

PwC programme targets US skills gap

Rebecca Ley, (Apr 3, 2017)

$350m investment in training and education aims to help 10 million students in deprived communities reach their economic potential

Responsible Business Series review: Doing the right thing pays

Liam Dowd, (Dec 15, 2016)

Liam Dowd sums up the takeaways from Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Summits in London, New York and Singapore

SDGs: We need more than just sunshine stories

Terry Slavin, (Jul 25, 2016)

Ethical Corporation’s editor speaks to Malcolm Preston, global sustainability leader at PwC, about why companies have to engage seriously with the SDGs

Five megatrends for 2015

April Streeter, (Jan 6, 2015)

Five long-term megatrends that companies can’t forget to keep an eye on in 2015