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ESG Watch: Insurers flex muscles by refusing to finance oil and gas ahead of COP27 

Mike Scott, (Oct 31, 2022)

The industry may be the financial services sector driving the most meaningful climate action at the moment. Mike Scott reports

ESG Watch: Banks’ net-zero pledges in the spotlight at Climate Week New York

Mike Scott, (Sep 29, 2022)

NGOs raise fears of backtracking as fossil fuel phase-out language softened. Mike Scott reports

IPCC says we have the tools to limit global warming. But do we have the will?

Terry Slavin, (Apr 27, 2022)

In the latest issue of Reuters Events Sustainable Business's quarterly magazine we look at how energy efficiency is getting short shrift in energy policy, a new U.N. panel to keep companies honest on their net-zero promises, how activists are targeting SUVs, and the implications of the SEC climate reporting rules. We also profile Ann Mukherjee, CEO of Pernod North America

ESG Watch: War in Ukraine sheds harsh new light on sustainable finance

Mike Scott, (Mar 31, 2022)

Key issues such as access to energy, human rights and the rule of law are being challenged as never before, writes Mike Scott

Reset the rules: how our pensions can become a game changer

Catherine Howarth, (Dec 16, 2021)

Comment: ShareAction’s Catherine Howarth says it is not in the best interest of pensioners for their savings to be financing polluting industries, which is why it is proposing changes to UK pensions legislation

'‘By 2041, I suspect most major brands of today will be unknown’

John Elkington, (Dec 13, 2021)

John Elkington says even sustainability leaders will have to lift their ambitions by several orders of magnitude to meet the demands of younger generations

'Could COP26 signal the end of coal? Only if we invest in green jobs and training'

Fiona Duggan, (Nov 8, 2021)

COMMENT: If lower-income countries are to phase out fossil fuels the transition has to be economically and socially just, writes Fiona Duggan of sustainable energy charity Ashden

Progress on methane and forests at COP, but much heavy lifting needed to put 1.5C in reach

Angeli Mehta, (Nov 5, 2021)

There will need to be big breakthroughs on transport and heavy industry emissions next week for the climate talks in Glasgow to be deemed a success, reports Angeli Mehta

Policy Watch: Kerry tells world leaders to ‘stop the BS’ and lift ambition at Glasgow

Angeli Mehta, (Oct 5, 2021)

Angeli Mehta takes stock of progress in the run-up to COP26 as the global energy crisis threatens to put the energy transition into reverse

Policy Watch: China rebuffs Kerry as IPCC raises stakes for success in Glasgow

Angeli Mehta, (Sep 7, 2021)

In her latest monthly roundup, Angeli Mehta reports on the the latest round of failed U.S. climate diplomacy, COP26 host UK's difficulty in abandoning fossil fuels and the state of play for funding hydrogen, nuclear, and biodiversity protection

ESG Watch: Insurers and airlines begin to feel the heat over climate risk

Mike Scott, (Jun 29, 2021)

Mike Scott rounds up the latest ESG news, from the G7 meeting, to the launch of the Task Force for Nature-related Financial Disclosure

ESG Watch: IEA report calling for end to new oil and gas puts wind in the sails of investors

Mike Scott, (May 19, 2021)

In his monthly sustainable investment column Mike Scott reports on growing support for shareholder resolutions demanding more climate action from the likes of BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66

Policy Watch: Biden climate summit long on vision but short on ‘how’ of getting to net-zero

Angeli Mehta, (Apr 28, 2021)

In her monthly column, Angeli Mehta rounds up the policy developments of the Earth Day meeting of 40 world leaders, and highlights concerns about ability to deliver in countries like the UK

Biggest polluters ‘dangerously off track’ in race to tackle emissions, investors say

Mike Scott, (Mar 31, 2021)

A benchmark of company performance by the Climate Action 100+ coalition of investors reveals the vast gap between rhetoric and meaningful climate action, reports Mike Scott

ANALYSIS: How far apart are Shell and ExxonMobil on climate?

Terry Slavin, (Feb 21, 2021)

Terry Slavin says the latest climate plans from the two oil and gas majors look miles apart, with Shell detailing its plans for net-zero and ExxonMobil taking its first green steps, but underlying both is a strong commitment to fossil fuels

Where is Big Carbon in the race to net zero?

Terry Slavin and Tim Nixon, (Jan 27, 2021)

Reuters Events Sustainable Business editor Terry Slavin and Tim Nixon of Signal Climate Analytics launch a year-long partnership shining a light on what the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters are doing in the battle against climate change

'Many countries are saying no more internal combustion engines. The U.S. needs to say it too'

Terry Slavin, (Jan 27, 2021)

Climate change was high on the agenda at this month’s Reuters Next virtual summit. Terry Slavin reports on some of the key takeaways

Brand Watch: U.S. oil majors feel heat as climate divide widens with European competitors

Oliver Balch, (Jan 25, 2021)

In his column in the new Sustainable Business Review, Oliver Balch analyses the latest sustainability news affecting companies, from climate risk to supply chain standards

'Boosting carbon productivity 15-fold will require radical new thinking. Here's six ways to start'

Richard Roberts, (Jul 12, 2019)

Volans’ Richard Roberts says the world needs to dramatically increase GDP per ton of CO2 to avoid the worst of climate change. It's possible, but there's no time to waste

‘Divestment isn’t a badge of honour; it’s a failure of engagement’

Martin Wright, (Feb 26, 2019)

Martin Wright explains why the Climate Action 100+ group of investors are prioritising carrot over stick as they seek to push the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters to address climate risk