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Brand Watch: ’Tis the season to use recycled plastics – but what about refill and reuse?

Oliver Balch, (Dec 21, 2021)

Oliver Balch says brands are making strides on integrating recycled plastics in their packaging, but few are innovating to turn off the tap on virgin plastic. He also reports on how climate justice will come to the fore in 2022

‘Europe’s ‘right to repair’ regulation should be a spur for firms to design out e-waste'

Matthew Cockerill, (Jul 13, 2021)

Comment: Consultant Matthew Cockerill, who helped design the Fairphone, argues that companies like Apple need to embrace circular economy principles if they are to truly rise to the challenges of e-waste and resource scarcity

‘We can win the war on plastic waste if we marshal the power of finance and markets’

Pedro Moura Costa, (Oct 27, 2020)

Comment: BVRio’s Pedro Moura Costa says the 3R Initiative, backed by Danone, Nestlé and Tetra Pak, has created the first global marketplace for the circular economy with the Circular Action Hub

Watch on demand: Rising to the circularity challenge in the built environment

Conference Recording, (Jul 8, 2020)

In this session from Reuters Events’ recent Virtual Responsible Business Week, Magali Anderson, chief sustainability officer of LafargeHolcim, one of the event’s sponsors, explains how the company is cutting CO2 emissions while eliminate waste

Watch on demand: Collaboration ‘key to Increasing climate action post Covid-19’

Conference Recording, (Jul 8, 2020)

In our recent Virtual Business Week, sponsored by Huawei, Martin Xu, president of global government affairs, explained how one big lesson from the pandemic is the importance of collaborative action to tackle climate change

How IKEA is squeezing circularity into a flat-pack

Oliver Balch, (Jun 16, 2020)

Oliver Balch speaks to Pia Heidenmark Cook, chief sustainability officer for the world’s largest furniture retailer, about its ambition to achieve 100% recycled and renewable material in its products

HP and Sinctronics join forces to close the loop on e-waste in Brazil

Catherine Early, (Jun 5, 2020)

Catherine Early reports on how the IT product giant's commitment to send zero waste to landfill led it to set up shop with Flex's recycling unit in São Paolo

How Covid-19 has brought circularity into sharp focus for Philips

Terry Slavin, (Jun 3, 2020)

With refurbished CT scanners in heavy demand from hospitals to fight the pandemic, the Dutch health technology giant is seeing dividends from its drive to close the loop on its medical equipment. Terry Slavin speaks to sustainability chief Robert Metzke about the confluence of climate action, healthcare and circularity

Cities 'should be at heart of revolution in how we produce food'

Mark Hillsdon, (May 27, 2020)

With the 20km of land that surrounds urban areas home to 40% of all global croplands, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation believes the road to a more circular food system starts at city hall. Mark Hillsdon reports

Why are consumers failing to plug in to the circular economy?

Catherine Early, (May 27, 2020)

With only a fifth of e-waste recycled globally, new business models are needed to keep products or the materials they contain in use for longer. Catherine Early reports

A mission to soften the impact of soft goods on the planet

Oliver Balch, (May 27, 2020)

Oliver Balch talks to Kelly Hall of DSM-Niaga about the Dutch start-up’s approach to making household items, from mattresses to carpeting, fully recyclable

Earth Day Cheat Sheet: ‘Dear Nature, we promise we’ll treat you better than ever before’

Terry Slavin, (Apr 23, 2020)

Terry Slavin rounds up corporate Earth Day news from around the globe, starting with Timberland’s open letter to nature video

Coronavirus crisis throws spanner into EU’s climate-neutral ambitions

Angeli Mehta, (Mar 23, 2020)

The EU is being urged to ensure that financial stimulus to help industry survive the crisis should be compliant with its newly published Green Deal. Angeli Mehta reports

Global survey reveals two thirds of adults not recycling all plastic waste

EC Newsdesk, (Feb 25, 2020)

Sponsored content: Hi-Cone’s first annual report on The State of Plastic Recycling reveals consumer attitudes towards recycling and the circular economy

Covestro aligning R&D portfolio with the SDGs to drive the decade of action

Liam Dowd, (Feb 11, 2020)

In this Q&A, Liam Down talks with Rebecca Lucore, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at Covestro LLC, about the challenges and opportunities ahead in the decade of action

Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches metrics tool in bid to speed circular economy

Terry Slavin, (Jan 15, 2020)

Terry Slavin reports on how the new Circulytics tool, which has been tested by 30 companies, including Brambles and DS Smith, will help companies track their progress on cutting waste and CO2 emissions

‘The future is determined by what we do now, and the window of opportunity is closing fast’

Felippo Veglio, (Jan 3, 2020)

WBCSD’s Filippo Veglio explains why, 10 years after the launch of Vision 2050, it is being refreshed to help deliver the transformational change needed over the next decade

Decade of action on climate in Ethical Corporation in 2020

EC Newsdesk, (Oct 14, 2019)

Before finalising our editorial calendar for next year, Ethical Corporation is reaching out to our community for input, and offering opportunities to sponsor content and support our independent journalism

Global war on plastic waste gathers speed with powerful new allies

Terry Slavin, (Oct 10, 2019)

Terry Slavin rounds up a slew of new initiatives as BlackRock enters partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Unilever commits to halve its use of virgin plastic by 2025, PepsiCo launches a green bond, and Andrew Forrest's Sea the Future initiative to tax plastic use wins Fortune 500 backing

The disruptors: How Xavier Houot is forging a ‘planet-compatible’ path for Schneider Electric

Oliver Balch, (Sep 12, 2019)

In his monthly profile of sustainability leaders, Oliver Balch meets a man who is helping to transform the French energy-management firm with carbon pricing and science-based targets