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ESG Watch: How the ‘global stocktake’ will force investors to pull up their socks on climate 

Mike Scott, (Feb 7, 2023)

With few companies having credible plans for the low-carbon transition, the UNFCCC's review of progress since the Paris Agreement will be a wake-up call, reports Mike Scott

Will 'historic' U.S. climate bill herald a new era of international cooperation?

Terry Slavin, (Aug 30, 2022)

In the latest issue of The Sustainable Business Review, Mike Scott looks at the implications of the Inflation Reduction Act, Angeli Mehta hears calls for more honest dialogue with citizens on climate action, Oliver Balch interviews Thomas Maddox of CDP and we have guest columns from Mindy Lubber and Rachel Kyte

'The backlash to climate-smart investing in the U.S. is based on a blatant lie'

Mindy Lubber, (Aug 30, 2022)

Comment: Investing in ESG isn't a matter of political ideology. It makes sound business sense, says Ceres boss Mindy Lubber

ESG Watch: Biden's ‘made-in-America’ climate legislation ruffles feathers with trading partners

Mike Scott, (Aug 30, 2022)

Mike Scott reports that the Inflation Reduction Act will have a transformative impact on U.S. emissions, but risks trade disputes over protectionism

‘We all have to get ahead of the curve on sustainability,’ says Ceres boss Mindy Lubber 

Mike Scott, (May 24, 2022)

The SEC’s new climate disclosure rule was top of mind for delegates to Reuters Events’ recent Responsible Business U.S.A conference in New York

Activist investors vow to keep climate in their sights, despite war in Ukraine

Mike Scott, (Mar 17, 2022)

Mike Scott reports on the new breed of shareholder activists, like Engine No. 1, who are focused on accelerating the energy transition from inside companies

What will SEC’s climate disclosure rules mean for U.S. companies?

Mike Scott, (Mar 1, 2022)

Mike Scott assesses the implications for listed firms as the U.S. regulator prepares to follow Europe, New Zealand and Hong Kong in making made climate-related disclosure mandatory

ESG Watch: Pockets of progress, but still far from where we need to be on climate

Mike Scott, (Nov 25, 2021)

Mike Scott says agreements to phase down coal, replace internal combustion engines, cut methane emissions and reduce deforestation were far from sufficient but show investors the direction of travel

Hopes for success at COP26 dim despite alarm raised by IPCC

Terry Slavin, (Sep 7, 2021)

In this month's issue of The Sustainable Business Review we report on pre-COP26 climate diplomacy, how ESG investors are turning up the heat under companies while coming under increased scrutiny themselves, and how 'water-positivity' is becoming the new net zero

ESG Watch: IPCC’s ‘code red for humanity’ lays out challenge for investors

Mike Scott, (Sep 7, 2021)

In this month’s round-up, Mike Scott reports on a new coalition to speed up Asia’s exit from coal, Ceres’s Ambition 2030 initiative, and increasing scrutiny of ESG, including probes into DWS in the US and Germany

Biden’s first steps spur audacity of hope for US climate action proponents

Diana Rojas, (Nov 30, 2020)

Even if Democrats fail to secure the Senate in January, there is optimism that the Biden administration’s commitment to addressing climate change is riding economic and financial tailwinds. Diana Rojas reports

Finance firms come together in bid to overcome barriers to banking on biodiversity

Angeli Mehta, (Nov 8, 2020)

The World Bank's 2030 Water Resources Group and Ceres' Valuing Water Finance Taskforce are among groups coordinating collective action to address water scarcity as a systemic risk. Angeli Mehta reports

‘Covid-19 has acted as an accelerator rather than brake on corporate climate action’

Dan Bakal, (Oct 2, 2020)

Comment: Dan Bakal of US sustainability non-profit Ceres reflects on Climate Week NYC 2020 and how the big net-zero commitments from the likes of Walmart, Morgan Stanley, Uber and Microsoft demonstrate how the unprecedented events of this year have woken companies up to the urgency of the climate crisis

Growing evidence of record-high deforestation throws spotlight on role of investors

Oliver Balch, (Jul 6, 2020)

In the first part of his Cheat Sheet analysis of sustainability news, Oliver Balch looks at data from Planet Tracker showing agriculture funds failing to address deforestation risk, a new guide for ESG investors from Ceres, Syngenta’s Green Growth Plan, and how a fashion industry effort to source sustainable viscose has won backing from Amazon

'Investors and companies are fiddling while forests burn’

Mark Hillsdon, (Mar 9, 2020)

New reports from Forest 500 and CDP point to a big gap between rhetoric and action when it comes to addressing escalating forest loss. Mark Hillsdon and Terry Slavin report

‘Deforestation is a material risk that companies can no longer ignore’

Julie Nash, (Oct 1, 2019)

While Unilever and Nestlé have made strides towards implementing no-deforestation policies, the vast majority of companies have not. Now some of the world’s biggest institutional investors are pushing for change through the Investor Initiative for Sustainable Forests, says Julie Nash of Ceres

Why boards must overcome roadblocks to becoming climate-competent

Helle Bank Jorgensen, (Mar 11, 2019)

Helle Bank Jorgensen of Competent Boards on how boards can cut through the confusion surrounding climate risk by learning from sustainability leaders like Paul Polman and Cornerstone Capital's Erika Karp

Why even Republicans are backing a Green New Deal for America

Michael Levitin, (Feb 15, 2019)

Michael Levitin reports on how the Trump climate narrative is under threat as the clean energy revolution in cities and states makes inroads in Washington

CSR Cheat Sheet: ESG investors turn up heat on BlackRock

Oliver Balch, (Feb 6, 2019)

FAIRR calls for fast-food companies to cut climate risk; extreme weather concerns take centre stage at Davos; Canary Wharf, Marks & Spencer, and Nestlé latest companies to join war on plastic in Oliver Balch’s latest sustainability news roundup

‘If boards didn’t know about climate change, they do now’

Mindy Lubber, (Dec 19, 2018)

Mindy Lubber of Ceres hopes that C-suites will heed the IPCC report and make 2019 the year they give the environment the attention it deserves