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Why business journalists need to challenge the ESG orthodoxy

Terry Slavin, (Dec 14, 2021)

The Ethical Corporation’s editor-in-chief Terry Slavin explains why the magazine’s mission of doing deep dives into complex sustainability issues is more relevant than ever before

Amazon, Twitter and Netflix make first climate disclosures as CDP raises bar for A list

Mike Scott, (Dec 10, 2021)

Companies with approved Science Based Targets get greater weighting in this year’s ranking as the climate disclosure NGO seeks to crack down on ‘false net zero’ commitments, reports Mike Scott

Can big brands succeed where REDD+ failed in winning the battle against deforestation?

Terry Slavin, (Nov 30, 2021)

Terry Slavin asks whether the Leaf Coalition, a private-sector driven partnership that has raised $1bn for tropical forest countries, can unlock the flood of funding needed, when Brazil and Indonesia are refusing to take part

‘Here comes the cavalry’ as brands vow to help accelerate climate solutions in heavy industry

Terry Slavin, (Nov 25, 2021)

Terry Slavin reports on the launch of the U.S.-backed First Movers Coalition, which aims to jumpstart a market for nascent clean technologies in steel, trucking, shipping, aviation, cement, aluminium and chemicals

'As the climate crisis intensifies, violence against environmental defenders is on the rise'

Terry Slavin, (Sep 13, 2021)

Comment: Mining and logging were the deadliest sectors for activists seeking to protect their land and our planet in 2020, says Jago Wadley of Global Witness

'There should be no room for deforestation on British plates'

John Randall, (Jul 19, 2021)

Comment: John Randall, Baron Randall of Uxbridge, warns that the Environment Bill, currently being scrutinised in the House of Lords, has loopholes that will allow meat linked to deforestation to enter UK food supply chains

Brand Watch: Amazon under fire for incinerating unsold stock and dodging ESG investors

Oliver Balch, (Jun 29, 2021)

In his monthly column, Oliver Balch reports on the importance of ‘walking the talk’ on sustainability commitments, a breakthrough in recycling plastic, and a drive to nudge SMEs towards net zero

Policy Watch: China’s national emissions trading market boosts global carbon pricing push

Angeli Mehta, (Feb 21, 2021)

In her monthly column, Angeli Mehta rounds up key recent policy developments, from EU carbon border taxes to the rise of vaccine nationalism

New drive to police ‘wild west’ of net-zero targets ahead of COP26

Mike Scott, (Dec 9, 2020)

With corporate climate neutrality claims derided by some as the ‘new world peace’, Mike Scott reports on efforts to call out greenwash and promote scientifically credible action

How Biden’s White House could supercharge the battle against deforestation

Niki Mardas, (Nov 20, 2020)

Comment: Niki Mardas of Global Canopy says the president-elect’s promise of $20bn to protect the Amazon is welcome, but US leadership could be most decisive in targeting trade in forest-risk commodities like soy, palm and beef

'Tackling palm and timber deforestation is a good start. Now brands must zero in on soy and cattle'

Ling Sin Fai Lam, (Nov 5, 2020)

Comment: Ling Sin Fai Lam of CDP says there is an urgent need to hold cattle and soy industries to the same high standards set for other forest risk commodities in supply chains

Unilever breaks new ground with bold climate and nature strategy

Oliver Balch, (Jul 8, 2020)

In part two of his monthly CSR #CheatSheet column, Oliver Balch looks at some of the latest corporate commitments to a green recovery as Covid-19 jolts business leaders into new appreciation of vulnerability of ‘business as usual’ models

Growing evidence of record-high deforestation throws spotlight on role of investors

Oliver Balch, (Jul 6, 2020)

In the first part of his Cheat Sheet analysis of sustainability news, Oliver Balch looks at data from Planet Tracker showing agriculture funds failing to address deforestation risk, a new guide for ESG investors from Ceres, Syngenta’s Green Growth Plan, and how a fashion industry effort to source sustainable viscose has won backing from Amazon

Mato Grosso’s plan to halve land use for cattle in bid to curb deforestation

Mark Hillsdon, (Mar 7, 2020)

Mark Hillsdon reports on a €3.5m joint venture between the Sustainable Trade Initiative and the Carrefour Foundation has the potential to restore 150,000ha of tropical rainforest in the state

Last stand for forests in Ethical Corporation magazine

Terry Slavin, (Feb 11, 2020)

In the first of a two-part investigation into how brands are performing on their 2020 commitments to ending deforestation in their supply chains, this month we look at palm oil and timber products

'To reverse deforestation in the 2020s we must rebuild trust between forest countries and brands'

Justin Adams, (Jan 3, 2020)

Justin Adams of the Tropical Forest Alliance says durable change will only come when companies graduate from individual feelgood efforts and engage in the messy, hard work of collective action

CSR Cheat Sheet part 1: Amazon and Gap power up on clean energy

Oliver Balch, (Aug 28, 2019)

In the first part of his monthly review of sustainability news, Oliver Balch reports on how power purchase agreements by US companies are driving a boom in wind and solar projects, how falling costs of hydrogen could help speed the energy transition, and the health benefits from renewables

‘While Bolsonaro grandstands in Davos, he is wreaking untold damage in Amazon’

Dinamam Tuxa, (Jan 23, 2019)

Dinamam Tuxá of Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil says despite the president’s attempts to woo the global elite at WEF, the indigenous people who are protecting forests are under severe threat

Want to fight climate change? Start by checking what's on your plate

Julie Nash, (Dec 18, 2018)

Julie Nash of Ceres says most food companies are tackling only a tiny fraction of their greenhouse gas emissions, despite the fact the sector produces more climate-causing gases than transport and buildings sectors combined

Final countdown for forests in the magazine

Terry Slavin, (Nov 2, 2018)

In the November issue of Ethical Corporation we assess progress on corporate zero deforestation commitments as the clock ticks down to 2020, and how the healthcare sector is stepping up efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals