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Coronavirus crisis throws spanner into EU’s climate-neutral ambitions

Angeli Mehta, (Mar 23, 2020)

The EU is being urged to ensure that financial stimulus to help industry survive the crisis should be compliant with its newly published Green Deal. Angeli Mehta reports

‘This is a wake-up call. We must live within our planetary boundaries to avoid future pandemics'’

Paul Polman, (Mar 23, 2020)

Paul Polman argues that companies must rapidly transition to a way of doing business that does not destroy biodiversity and natural capital or there will be more Covid-19s

The need for speed in going all-electric to lead the climate decade

Amy Davidsen, (Mar 11, 2020)

The Climate Group’s Amy Davidsen warns that US auto manufacturers risk falling far behind their European competitors in driving the clean revolution

Press Release: Senator confirms for Responsible Business Summit New York

Ed Long, (Feb 24, 2020)

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island, to join #RBSNY [March 17-18]

Decision time for the planet: will the 2020s be the decade of delivery?

Terry Slavin, (Jan 5, 2020)

In the magazine this month Ethical Corporation kicks off 2020 with thought-leadership from leading commentators on what it will take for business to step up to the challenges of climate action and the SDGs over the coming decade

‘The future is determined by what we do now, and the window of opportunity is closing fast’

Felippo Veglio, (Jan 3, 2020)

WBCSD’s Filippo Veglio explains why, 10 years after the launch of Vision 2050, it is being refreshed to help deliver the transformational change needed over the next decade

‘Climate change is already wreaking havoc in cities. Here’s how they need to step up’

Bruno Sarda, (Jan 3, 2020)

CDP North America’s Bruno Sarda says global warming poses a material and physical risk for mayors. But for true resilience climate action must go hand in hand with tackling social equity

'To achieve the SDGs in a warming climate we will have to change how we produce our food'

Sunny Verghese, (Jan 3, 2020)

Olam’s Sunny Verghese says a global food and agricultural system in line with the Global Goals would unlock economic value of more than $2tn by 2030

‘There is time to change course, but only if we start turning the wheel now’

Lynn Scarlett, (Jan 3, 2020)

Nature Conservancy’s Lynn Scarlett says a series of international agreements in 2020 could set the stage for more sustainable economies by 2030

'To reverse deforestation in the 2020s we must rebuild trust between forest countries and brands'

Justin Adams, (Jan 3, 2020)

Justin Adams of the Tropical Forest Alliance says durable change will only come when companies graduate from individual feelgood efforts and engage in the messy, hard work of collective action

'Bold climate action from business and cities will be needed to persuade laggard governments'

Jen Austin, (Jan 2, 2020)

Jen Austin of the We Mean Business coalition says COP25 may have ended in disappointment but the companies that have adopted science-based targets are showing leadership for the challenging decade ahead

'This year we must finally abandon business as usual and embark on the path to 1.5C warming'

Andrew Higham, (Jan 2, 2020)

Andrew Higham of Mission 2020 says the Glasgow climate conference will be critical in determining whether we can act quickly enough to avoid catastrophic climate change

‘We must grasp this chance to bring about social and environmental transformation with blockchain’

Jane Thomason, (Jan 2, 2020)

Dr Jane Thomason of Fintech Worldwide explains how advances in digital technology can be harnessed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals

‘The clock is ticking on holding companies accountable for delivering the SDGs’

Paul Druckman, (Jan 2, 2020)

Paul Druckman of the World Benchmarking Alliance explains his organisation's mission to provide the first free, transparent and publicly available tools to assess companies' performance towards meeting the UN Global Goals

'In Asia, sustainability leadership in the 2020s must start with rethinking waste'

Pat Dwyer, (Jan 2, 2020)

Pat Dwyer of The Purpose Business looks at the need for a paradigm shift if Asia is to be on track to deliver on responsible consumption by 2030

‘Young activists are calling for ambitious action. We must all be activists now'

Lise Kingo, (Jan 2, 2020)

The UN Global Compact’s Lise Kingo urges business leaders to stop the slide backwards on climate and the SDGs and urgently course-correct

'We need companies to promote social protectionism in the coming trade wars’

John Morrison, (Jan 2, 2020)

John Morrison of the Institute for Human Rights and Business argues that initiatives to safeguard both environment and human rights will be critical for the radical transformations that will be required in decade ahead

'2020 must be the year we form climate partnerships between investors and boards'

Adam Matthews, (Dec 30, 2019)

Adam Matthews of the Church of England Pensions Board says initiatives like Climate Action 100+ have laid the foundations for the unprecedented partnerships across value chains that are needed going forward in high-emitting sectors like aviation, automobiles, shipping, energy and steel

Nine leadership skills for sustainability during the decade of delivery

Sally Uren, (Dec 30, 2019)

Forum for the Future’s Sally Uren writes an open letter to C-suite executives with advice on how to prepare for the bumpy years ahead