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'With 60% of global funds aligned with 2.75C, the net-zero rhetoric needs to quickly become reality'

Paul Simpson, (Dec 2, 2021)

Comment: Paul Simpson of CDP says financial institutions and investors need to engage with companies to drive a widespread transition to a net-zero, nature-positive and resilient economy

Can business deliver after a COP where brands moved to centre stage?

Terry Slavin, (Dec 1, 2021)

In the December issue of The Sustainable Business Review we assess some of the key outcomes of COP26, from pacts to accelerate take-up of low-carbon technologies such as green hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels, to the fashion industry cleaning up its act, and the private-sector push to win the war against deforestation

'With cows the new coal, methane emissions from agriculture should no longer be an afterthought'

Jeremy Coller, (Dec 1, 2021)

Comment: Jeremy Coller, founder of FAIRR, writes that COP26’s failure to address the climate impact of farming will deepen investor concerns about the sector

Sustainable aviation fuel seeks clearance for rapid lift-off

Terry Slavin, (Nov 25, 2021)

As the Biden administration seeks to incentivise a dramatic increase in uptake of green alternatives to kerosene, corporates in the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance are among those trying to allay concerns about impacts on land use and biodiversity. Terry Slavin reports

ESG Watch: Pockets of progress, but still far from where we need to be on climate

Mike Scott, (Nov 25, 2021)

Mike Scott says agreements to phase down coal, replace internal combustion engines, cut methane emissions and reduce deforestation were far from sufficient but show investors the direction of travel

Brand Watch: Corporates in push to take their suppliers on net-zero journey

Oliver Balch, (Nov 25, 2021)

Oliver Balch reports on new initiatives launched at COP26 to engage SMEs and to help the fashion industry sharpen its act on climate

‘Here comes the cavalry’ as brands vow to help accelerate climate solutions in heavy industry

Terry Slavin, (Nov 25, 2021)

Terry Slavin reports on the launch of the U.S.-backed First Movers Coalition, which aims to jumpstart a market for nascent clean technologies in steel, trucking, shipping, aviation, cement, aluminium and chemicals

‘Nature loss is as big a business risk as climate change. We must tackle both with equal urgency’

David Craig, (Nov 17, 2021)

Comment: David Craig of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures explains how the TNFD will provide a framework for companies to measure and account for their impacts on biodiversity for the first time

‘Food waste is a big cause of methane emissions. Companies must not wait for governments to act’

Dr Marcus Gover, (Nov 12, 2021)

Comment: Dr Marcus Gover of UK charity WRAP explains how collective action by business can act as an accelerator in global action to tackle climate change

'Could COP26 signal the end of coal? Only if we invest in green jobs and training'

Fiona Duggan, (Nov 8, 2021)

COMMENT: If lower-income countries are to phase out fossil fuels the transition has to be economically and socially just, writes Fiona Duggan of sustainable energy charity Ashden

Can focus on nature in Glasgow’s COP finally turn the tide on deforestation?

Terry Slavin, (Nov 7, 2021)

Terry Slavin asks whether all the programmes and finance announced last week will reach the smallholder farmers and indigenous people on the frontlines of protecting forests in tropical countries

Progress on methane and forests at COP, but much heavy lifting needed to put 1.5C in reach

Angeli Mehta, (Nov 5, 2021)

There will need to be big breakthroughs on transport and heavy industry emissions next week for the climate talks in Glasgow to be deemed a success, reports Angeli Mehta

'We must turn the international standards system into a tool to help the world get to net-zero'

Scott Steedman, (Nov 1, 2021)

COMMENT: The ISO’s London Declaration is a key step towards helping government and industry meet carbon-free ambitions, writes Scott Steedman, Director of Standards at the British Standards Institution

ESG Watch: New net-zero standard aims to help investors mind the climate action gap

Mike Scott, (Oct 28, 2021)

With new reports out ahead of COP26 highlighting the need to pick up speed and ambition on driving down emissions, Mike Scott rounds up the latest developments by investors to rise to the challenge

Investors want to back net-zero, but COP26 needs to come up with a plan, says Günther Thallinger

Oliver Balch, (Oct 27, 2021)

In an interview with the chair of the Net-Zero Assets Owner Alliance, Oliver Balch asks what institutional investors are hoping to hear from governments at COP26

Policy Watch: On eve of COP26, all eyes are on whether G20 will step up on climate ambition

Angeli Mehta, (Oct 27, 2021)

In her latest monthly column, Angeli Mehta sees room for optimism that the Glasgow climate talks will alter the current trajectory of a disastrous 2.7C rise in warming by the end of the century

Brand Watch: Corporates hope deforestation-free supply chain pledges will get boost from COP26

Oliver Balch, (Oct 27, 2021)

In his monthly column, Oliver Balch reports on some of the big issues for fast-moving consumer goods companies ahead of the crucial climate conference

Three ways to get the UK’s electric vehicle revolution on the road

Andy Wales, (Oct 18, 2021)

Comment: Andy Wales of BT Group explains how the Johnson government can unlock private sector investment of £50bn in infrastructure and electric fleets in the UK over the next five years

Will extending cap and trade to transport and buildings help Europe reach its climate goals?

David Veredas and Wim Van Hyfte, (Oct 15, 2021)

Comment: David Veredas and Wim Van Hyfte say adding those two sectors would bring 80% of Europe’s greenhouse gases under its emissions trading scheme, but quick implementation will be key

‘Business cannot become truly sustainable without protecting nature’

Pietro Bertazzi, (Oct 7, 2021)

Comment: Ahead of this year’s momentous COP summits, action to tackle biodiversity loss must be at the heart of both government action and corporate strategy, write Pietro Bertazzi and Helen Finlay of CDP