What we do

Reuters Events is the global leader in business intelligence and C-level networking for the transport, logistics and supply chain industry. We specialize in connecting senior industry executives with their industry peers, and with the crucial information they need to excel in their work.

For 16 years, we have provided the industry with essential business intelligence in the form of news, reports, benchmarking data, white papers and C-level events. Through constant direct engagement with industry leaders, we ensure our products and events are directly tailored to meet the industry’s needs.

With our unique industry position, we’re able to leverage our global executive and expert contacts to produce unique high-level research, events, analysis and intelligence for the industry.

As supply chain and logistics jumps into Industry 4.0, eft will be providing unique perspective, exclusive executive insight, and the very latest thinking in this space.

Contact us at

T: +1 800 814 3459 (toll free USA)

T: +1 866 996 1235 (toll free Canada)

T: +44 (0) 207 375 7500

E: info@eyefortransport.com