The Week of September 4th: 10 things eft's been reading

The future of brick and mortar; the meaning of Made in the USA in 2017; APAC logistics innovation.

1. Manufacturing is coming back to the US… or maybe not… well, here’s a list of stuff still made there. ‘The Stuff Still Made in the USA.’ [Bloomberg]

2. Here’s one thing that’s being made in the US… maybe not as expected. ‘Behind a $13 shirt, a $6-an-hour worker.’ [Los Angeles Times]

3. Best buy – it was knocking on death’s door. But then it didn’t die. ‘Whoops, Best Buy Forgot to Get Itself Killed by Amazon.’ [Bloomberg]

4. From an eCommerce giant himself: ‘Farfetch boss José Neves: 'The magic of bricks-and-mortar shops will never die'’ [The Telegraph]

5. Hurricane Harvey has caused significant disruption, but that’s likely to fcontinue. ‘Rubbermaid maker's shares tank after Hurricane Harvey disrupts supply chain.’ [CNBC]

6. Sustainability is not longer a nice to have, it’s necessary to compete. ‘Candy maker Mars looks to curb greenhouse gas emissions across supply chain.’ [Reuters]

7. It might take death to revive the brick and mortar store. ‘To Save Retail, Let It Die.’ [Business of Fashion]

8. Supply chain is getting disrupted, there is no question. It doesn’t mean everything’s changing. ‘Ten Timeless Truths of Supply Chain.’ [Forbes]

9. Another attempt at tackling logistics in Asia. Will this one work? ‘Alibaba-backed Best Logistics nears $1bn New York float.’ [Financial Times]

10. Maybe here’s another option: ‘7-Eleven builds logistics business with store, warehouse network.’ [ABS CBN News]


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