The Week of September 11th: 10 things eft's been reading

Two ugly ducklings and nothing on the iPhone X!

1. Amazon is further entering the brick and mortar game. ‘Amazon opens shop inside Kohl's.’ [Retail Dive]

2. An essay on why Amazon warehouse workers should unionize. ‘Amazon Warehouse Employees Are the Most Important Workers in America.’ [Splinter]

3. The headline here says it all: ‘UPS denies it 'trapped' man in his house with Amazon delivery.’ [Cnet]

4. Drones might be the ugly duckling of the latest tech innovation. But maybe not for long. ‘Could RFID-Reading Drones Help Solve A $45 Billion-Dollar Per Annum Retail Problem?’ [CB Insights]

5. Anti-globalization what? ‘Global Trade Rebounds Despite Trump’s Protectionist Threats.’ [Bloomberg]

6. The evolution of retail continues. ‘Nordstrom’s tiny new stores basically won’t have any stuff in them.’ [FastCompany]

7. Returns – the ugly duckling of eCommerce. ‘Whole Foods gives Amazon hundreds of return centers. A startup wants to give other e-commerce sites the same.’ [Recode]

8. Fine, one Apple related note. ‘Target's Sales Floors Are Switching From Apple to Android Devices.’ [Gizmodo]

9. Amazon is not killing retail. ‘Williams-Sonoma CEO Laura Alber: ‘I do not believe Amazon is killing retailers’.’ [Recode]

10. XPO logistics expands its last mile network to be within reach of 90% of the US population. ‘XPO LOGISTICS ANNOUNCES EXPANSION OF LAST MILE NETWORK.’ [XPO Logistics]


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