The Week of October 9th: 10 things eft's been reading

Fulfilment, Flexport and Foaming Lates

1. Not everyone is doing well in eCommerce. ‘Starbucks Closes Online Store to Focus on In-Person Experience.’ [NY Times]
2. It’s actually a piece on the pros and cons of Alibaba vs. Amazon, very interesting nevertheless: ‘The Logistics Of Fidget Spinners.’ [Freightos]
3. A lot of focus goes on driverless trucks. Before robots take over though, it’s a pretty hard job. ‘Aerial Footage of a Trucker's Masterful Parking Skills Is the Most Satisfying Thing to Watch.’ [Gizmodo]
4. More Amazon mission creep. ‘Amazon said to be testing its own delivery service with expansion planned for 2018.’ [TechCrunch] 
5. Adidas introduces Speedfactories. ‘Adidas Brings the Fast Shoe Revolution One Step Closer.’ [Bloomberg Businessweek]
6. A series of fascinating articles from the World Economic Forum on AI and Robotics. ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.’ [World Economic Forum] 
7. Belgian Post Group acquires Amazon’s biggest fulfilment competitor in the US. ‘bpost acquires Radial, formerly eBay enterprise, for $820M.’ [TechCrunch]
8. Some of Flexports epic goals to become a leading freight forwarder. ‘Flexport’s epic plan to build a freight empire with its $110M raise.’ [TechCrunch]
9. Logistics technology priorities are clearly shifting. ‘XPO Logistics identifies four top technology priorities.’ [Supply Chain Quarterly]
10. Amazon has a roaming crew of temporary workers. ‘MEET THE CAMPERFORCE, AMAZON'S NOMADIC RETIREE ARMY.’ [Wired]
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