The Week of October 31st: 10 things eft’s been reading

Free shipping is a lie, keeping a 169 year old tech company relevant, making billion dollar gambles.

1. [VIDEO] Self-driving cars mean users suddenly have a bunch more time on their hands: opportunities abound? (Wired)


2. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon are usually how home delivery headlines go. This time Google. They’re still doing Express, and now in 90% of the US. [TechCrunch]


3. The car industry is clearly undergoing a major shift, but who’s actually doing what? This will help. [Fast Company]


4. Walmart’s CEO is putting everything on the line to maintain the company’s relevance [Fortune]


5. [VIDEO] Literally just a video of ships getting launched. Thanks LinkedIn. [Humans at Sea]


6. Siemens just turned 169. How do you keep a company relevant for that long? [strategy+business]


7. This article and the next contrast fantastically. Postmates just secured 140m in funding [TechCrunch]


8. Free shipping is a lie [Fast Company]


9. Fast fashion is coming to the developing world and the consequences could be significant [Quartz]


10. Pesky millennials don’t want to play by grocers’ rules. Ie. Grocers struggle to keep pace with their customers [wsj] 

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