The Week of November 7th: 10 things eft’s been reading

Obviously most of us had an eye on something else happening this week, but we did spare a bit of time towards interesting developments in supply chain!

Here are some of the headlines you might have missed!


1. Amazon set to enter the Asian marketplace with entry to Singapore in early 2017. (TechCrunch)


2. Alibaba’s revenue surges despite stagnancy in Chinese economy. (Bloomberg)


3. Showing the further traction of logistics start-ups, Convoy, the ‘Uber for trucking’ with funding from Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff and others, lands Unilever as a customer. (Bloomberg)


4. Last week we mentioned the business opportunities associated with users of self-driving cars. Uber’s on it. (Wired)


5. Supply chain problems rear their ugly head in GoPro’s share price. (engadget)


6. You get a lot of ‘technologies that will transform supply chain’ that end-up being drones, 3D printing, robots etc. This list goes beyond: Blockchain, Non asset-centric, data replaces fuel etc. (Forbes)  


7. eCommerce is booming – and even Amazon is running low on warehousing space! Real-estate is going to be a big winner here. (wsj)


8. The Cubs won their first World Series in over 100 years. How did New Era get those hats everywhere so quickly?? (Bloomberg)


9. [VIDEO] DHL is already jumping on the Hyperloop concept. (youtube)


10. H&M thinks that one of the solutions to the waste associated with fast fashion is Circularity (BBC) 

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