The Week of November 14th: 10 things eft’s been reading

Here are some of this week's headlines you might have missed!

1. It turns-out that the long-promised ‘New Silk Road’ is actually proving beneficial to companies moving goods from Asia to Europe.  Europe Finally Wakes Up To The New Silk Road, And This Could Be Big (Forbes)


2. It turns out that CVS and Walgreens are doing some type of supply-chain driven dance to try and gain market share. How CVS, Walgreens battle for market share through their supply chains (SupplyChainDive)


3. For our Canadian friends, it’s already too late. For our American friends they have a week: Use AI to predict contamination: A Future Of Safer Thanksgivings: Using Algorithms To Predict Food Dangers (Forbes)


4. Apple seems to be distancing itself from it, but Samsung has just made a major move into automotive tech - Samsung Charges Into Auto Tech With $8 Billion Deal for Harman (WSJ)


5. [VIDEO] Swiss Post imagines a world where parcels arrive with customers on the goParcels Pursue Pedestrians (Adland)


6. [VIDEO] Blockchain could significantly change supply chain – read our take on a recent conference entirelty on the matter – turns out many people are working on it. Bonus? There’s a handy video explaining blockchain. HSBC and Bank of America Merrill Lynch use Hyperledger Project for blockchain-based trade finance (IBT)


7. Sustainability isn’t dead… yet. Walmart is on the case with some ambitious 2025 goals. Green Supply Chain News: Walmart CEO Announces Still More Aggressive Sustainability Goals for 2025. (GreenSCM)


8. Increasingly we’re expecting everything to be on demand. It doesn’t need to be does it?Not every service needs to be an on demand service (TechCrunch)


9. Supply chain isn’t sexy – or is it? Here are some supply chain numbers ranging from guns to drugs that might make you think otherwise. Guns, chocolate and dope – the supply chain in numbers. (Supply Management)


10. Bloody millennials, changing consumer habits again and wreaking havoc on supply chain. Those selfish ...Beyond Kimchi And Kale: How Millennial 'Foodies' Are Challenging The Supply Chain From Farm To Table (Forbes)


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