The Week of November 13th: 10 things eft's been reading

Everyone’s doing it – blockchain, automation, autonomous

1) Tipping point alert. ‘For the first time, more people will do their holiday shopping on mobile than on desktop.’ [Recode]

2) Looks like Zara is starting to face some supply chain challenges – and in a major way. ‘“I didn’t get paid for it”—Zara workers put desperate messages in garments.’ [FastCompany]

3) I’m sure you’ve seen it, but Single’s day was huge. ‘Single's Day sales smash records in China with $45 billion.’ [The Times of India]

4) I was only going to include this on the self-driving front. ‘SELF-DRIVING TRUCKS ARE NOW DELIVERING REFRIGERATORS.’ [Wired]

5) But with so much going on, here’s a full roundup. ‘THIS WEEK IN THE FUTURE OF CARS: TRIAL AND ERROR.’ [Wired]

6) On the warehouse automation front: ‘How Many Robots Does It Take to Fill a Grocery Order?’ [Bloomberg]

7) But look at this form – wow. ‘ Fully Automated Warehouse in Shanghai.’ [YouTube]

8) CVS looks to fend off Amazon. ‘CVS adds next-day prescription delivery as threat of Amazon competition looms.’ [The Washington Post]

9) Everyone’s also doing blockchain. ‘UPS joins blockchain industry group.’ [DC Velocity]

10) Key logistics hub the Netherlands on a Hard Brexit. ‘Brexit: How the Netherlands is braced for 'no deal'.’ [BBC]


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