The Week of May 29th: 10 things eft's been reading

As Trump prepares to bring the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, this week’s 10 Things has an environmental – and automation – undertone

1. Supply chain visibility has been a challenge for years. One of the reasons is that the bar keeps moving. As consumers gain more visibility on the companies they frequent, businesses are looking for more visibility and control upstream. ‘How (and Why) Ikea, Apple Extend Control Across Their Supply Chains.’ [Environmental Leader]

2. Are Walmarts enormous ecommerce gambles paying off? ‘Walmart Sees Strong Growth in U.S. Ecommerce.’ [Multichannel Merchant]

3. Automation has been a major topic of discussion around the industry as technology threatens to replace workers. But, is that what the statistics are saying? ‘Why manufacturing jobs are coming back to the U.S. — even as companies buy more robots.’ [Recode]

4. A16z guru Marc Andreessen weighs in further: ‘Marc Andreessen explains how self-driving cars could create a bunch of American jobs.’ [Recode]

5. We knew it was coming. Now it’s open. It’s in Seattle of course. ‘Amazon opens its first drive-through grocery store.’ [engadget]

6. Megawarehouses. I mean do I need to say more than that?? Actually its an interesting analysis of the cost-benefits of warehousing to a rural community. ‘How the ‘Orange Empire’ Became the Land of MegaWarehouses.’ [Wired]

7. I’ll let this title do the talking. ‘Amazon’s Achilles Heel.’ [Adam Price via LinkedIn]

8. That state of driverless at Google (Alphabet). ‘Alphabet Driverless Ambitions Looked Stalled. Then It Sued Uber.’ [Bloomberg]

9. Automation is one thing, paying workers fairly entirely another. ‘Couriers on Britain's shopping addiction: 'Customers don't care as long as it's cheap' [The Guardian]

10. I’ve included one doomsday report showing the impact of automation though. ‘This chart spells out in black and white just how many jobs will be lost to robots.’ [MarketWatch]


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