The Week of March 5th: 10 things eft's been reading

KFC UK continues to face disaster, this time gravy and retail gets automated

1. Trump’s been talking tariffs. Who gains though? ‘Who Gains From Trump's Tariffs? China.’ [Bloomberg]

2. Jeans with laserbeams. ‘Levi's uses lasers to give your jeans an eco-friendly finish.’ [engadget]

3. More KFC problems. ‘KFC faces gravy shortage as distribution problems continue.’ [BBC]

4. What needs to happen in trucking for blockchain to work? ‘Blockchain will work in trucking — but only if these three things happen.’ [TechCrunch]

5. It turns out, not everything Amazon sells is legit. (and no one was surprised). ‘Amazon's Jeff Bezos called out on counterfeit products problem.’ [Cnet]

6. But…. ‘Why Amazon Is Immune To Almost Any Boycott.’ [FastCompany]

7. I’ve definitely had this happen with a delivery before – who in Europe does this already? I can’t remember… ‘Why Amazon is sending you pictures of your front porch.’ [USA Today]

8. Very few retailers actually have automated picking and packing. There are reasons for this. ‘IF YOU WANT A ROBOT TO STOP SCREWING UP, HOLD ITS HAND.’ [Wired]

9. Speaking of picking and packing – this robot must be nimble enough to pick and pack. ‘Burger-flipping robot begins first shift.’ [BBC]

10. But retail faces some other major problems ‘Solving for the last mile is retail's next big disruption.’ [RetailDive]


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