The Week of March 19th: 10 things eft's been reading

Amazon and ways retailers are fighting amazon

1. So Walmart’s fight against Amazon isn’t all what it seems to be? ‘A former Walmart executive’s lawsuit claims the retailer has been inflating e-commerce growth numbers.’ [Recode]

2. Just as FedEx is named one of the best places to work in the US. ‘FedEx Follows Amazon Into the Robotic Future.’ [NY Times]

3. Why do we hold so many events in the Netherlands? ‘The Dutch Invented Global Logistics: A History Lesson.’ [Forbes]

4. This will help, but Amazon’s got more than this as its competitive advantage. ‘Shopping Actions’ to help retailers in their battle with Amazon.’ [TechCrunch]

5. Here are some others trying to help the fight. ‘These Startups Could Give Amazon's Retail Competitors An Edge.’ [Forbes]

6. AR/VR finally demonstrating some real-world benefits. ‘eBay’s new AR tool helps sellers find the right box for their item.’ [TechCrunch]

[7. VIDEO] ‘How overnight shipping works.’ [Wendover Productions]

8. A pretty tough sell… ‘Why millennials should start considering truck driving.’ [NBC News]

9. Hmmm, I wonder if looking at Home Depot might help them. ‘Why is Lowe's struggling to turn shoppers into customers?’ [Retail Dive]

10. Network optimization shifts with Amazon. ‘Amazon Is Looking for Larger Whole Foods Stores to Support Delivery Plans’ [Bloomberg]


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