The Week of March 12th: 10 things eft's been reading

Is KFC’s chicken and gravy disaster over?

1. Uber’s self driving operations and freight operations finally collaborate. ‘Uber’s self-driving trucks are teaming up with Uber Freight to make hauls in Arizona.’ [FastCompany]

2. UK Commercial drone delivery moves one step closer. ‘Drone-tracking system paves way for UK deliveries from air.’ [BBC]

3. To solve the gravy/chicken fiasco, KFC returns to familiar partners. ‘KFC returns to original supplier after chicken shortage fiasco.’ [The Guardian]

4. Why supply chain visibility continues to be a major challenge. ‘Apple Details Alarming Labor Issues In Latest Supply Chain Report.’ [Gizmodo]

5. I can’t help but think of this as panic buying. Ironic? ‘Nordstrom acquires 2 digital retail start-ups.’ [CNBC]

6. An in-depth look at how Amazon is blitzing almost all industries. ‘How Amazon’s Bottomless Appetite Became Corporate America’s Nightmare.’ [Bloomberg]

7. Walmart continues to fight. ‘Walmart to expand grocery delivery from 6 markets to over 100 by year-end.’ [TechCrunch]

8. Plastic sucks – except if you reuse it. ‘Adidas sold 1 million shoes made out of ocean plastic in 2017.’ [CNBC]

9. Automation – good or evil? ‘Are supply chain jobs at risk of automation?.’ [Supply Chain Dive]

10. First Brexit impact? ‘Unilever goes Dutch for HQ as London loses out.’ [BBC]

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