The Week of July 24th: 10 things eft's been reading

And we’re back! Reading glasses on. Here are some of the things our eye was on this week. From is DHL cool? To does DHL have enough talent.

1. Google, Amazon and Facebook are transforming how we conduct business – and interact with each other. As we approach the first $1tn valuation, are these companies getting too big? Are Google, Amazon and others getting too big? [BBC]
2. In fact, Amazon is now considered the second largest logistics firm. Amazon now second largest logistics firm. [Supply Management]
3. Sneak manufacturing is jumping forward. (pun definitely intended). A revolution is coming in the way your sneakers are designed and manufactured. [Quartz]
4. XPO’s Brad Jacobs discusses his secret to success. How to Deal With Doubters, According to One Fortune 500 CEO. [Fortune]
5. Another autonomous startup + electric vehicle – fully prototyped. Einride’s T-Pod self-driving transport EV gets a full-scale prototype. [TechCrunch]
6. Logistics is cool – and not just because tech – now in fashion? (Worth a laugh!). Scam or subversion? How a DHL T-shirt became this year’s must-have. [The Guardian]
7. The UK plans to ban sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. [FT]
8. This was everywhere, but it represents an interesting step in the evolving nature of global manufacturing. Trump Announces Apple Supplier Foxconn Opening U.S. Factory. [Bloomberg]
9. 3000 workers is great – but are the skills available? The tech skills gap will test Foxconn’s new Wisconsin factory. [Wired]
10. Talent – one of the biggest topics that comes up year on year – but it could be getting worse. DHL warns of “global talent shortage” for supply chain. [Post & Parcel]
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